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Yoga Sequence - Twists & Turns

Posted Jan 30 2013 12:53pm

It's been too long. I promised some of my far-away students I'd post this week's sequence so they, too, could enjoy the torture beautiful practice of Twists & Turns Yoga.

What You'll Need: Yoga Strap or Towel 2 Yoga Blocks or Books
Begin standing with feet hip-width apart, take strap in each hand, and make it taut (hands will be by your sides a bit wider than shoulder-width apart). Inhale and raise arms and strap up over head exhaling it all the way behind your back and down by your hips. Inhale and raise strap up over head exhaling it all the way back to starting position. Do this five times.
Keep the strap in your hands bringing your right hand down to your side and left hand up over head. Allow your right hand to pull down and your left hand to pull up. Feel the stretch on your left side. Repeat on other side. Do this three times.
Chair Pose with strap over head. Release strap. Chair Pose Cat-Cow (In chair pose, do the familiar cat-cow movement with the spine).
Down Dog. Fire Hydrant (Three-legged Dog, raising right leg first). High Lunge with Right Foot forward. Hands on yoga blocks. Low Lunge with hands on floor, exhale drop left knee down to floor, lift back up on inhale. Do this five times. Bring Left hand to inside of Right foot, twist torso to right, and raise Right arm up towards the sky. Repeat on other side.  
Plank (Hold for 30 seconds). Down Dog. Do this five times.
Side Plank, both sides.
All Fours on mat. Lift knees a few inches off mat and set them back down. Do this five times. Extend Right arm and Left leg. Hold for 30 seconds. Bring Right elbow to Left leg underneath torso and hold for 30 seconds.Repeat on other side.
Half Moon on Knees - Begin in side plank with knee down on mat and opposite leg extended. Hand is directly under shoulder for this one. Inhale and lift extended leg up to hip level... welcome to your glutes!
Dog. Fire Hydrant (Three Legged Dog). High Lunge, arms up over head. Exhale, arms extended out from shoulders and twist torso towards front leg (opposite of Warrior II). Side Stretch. Repeat on other side.
Warrior III, with extended leg. Warrior III, with bent knee being drawn towards chest.  Stick.
Pigeon. Savasana.
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