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Yoga & Raw Vegan Foods Beach Retreat!

Posted Jan 21 2010 2:49pm
The Retreat 
San Diego, California: Ocean Beach
Saturday, August 14 - Saturday, August 21, 2010
This retreat is designed to give participants a week of yoga classes, raw and vegan foods information and hands on cooking demonstrations, while soaking in the sun, fun, ocean, and summertime bliss in San Diego!   
San Diego, CA Beach by

Particular emphasis will be given to deepening your yoga practice as well as your knowledge of raw/vegan foods
newnamaste_4 by meisler4.
The retreat is appropriate for those who would like to increase their knowledge of yoga and deepen their own yoga practice, from beginners to advanced practitioners, including those who are currently teaching.  

The retreat is also appropriate for those interested in learning more about raw/vegetarian/vegan foods and incorporating them, in whatever capacity is appropriate, into their lifestyle; as well as for those who would like practical cooking and food preparation instruction.   

The goal of the retreat is to meet each participant where he or she is at with both yoga and raw/vegan foods and to have fun doing it!  

Your goal does not have to be becoming a yoga teacher or a totally raw vegan.  The goal should be to explore these options, while having plenty of fun in the processThe retreat will also have plenty of unstructured, free time to both encourage personal exploration and to explore all San Diego has to offer!

The Setting
San Diego, California; specifically Ocean Beach, which is San Diego's eclectic, authentic beach town.

A place where funky, hippy vibes, vintage shopping, and casual beach-style are alongside upscale dining, and unique local shops.

There is a distinctive downtown district just steps from the ocean
Ocean Beach

And every Wednesday, enjoy San Diego's finest and largest Farmers Market

Experience the original Dog Beach

Stroll on the longest concrete pier on the west coast  

I love walking on the OB Pier!
January 2009: Note my "winter" coat is a sweater!

Embrace this truly open and relaxing atmosphere! Ocean Beach... where the sun sets on San Diego

Ocean Beach Pier



The Retreat:
Yoga Portion
The retreat will consist of two yoga classes per day, including an early morning and a late afternoon session, daily.  Classes will range from intense & vigorous to slower and more restorative If you are familiar with ashtanga, power, vinyasa, or flow-based yoga classes, you will fit right in.  And, if you're not familiar with yoga or prefer a more gentle, relaxing style, you will always be encouraged and welcome to gear your practice to your needs and level.  Averie has experience teaching & welcoming all levels of students!

 Namaste_102209_98 by meisler4.
Asana, or the physical yoga practice that is mindful of of synchronization of breath and movement will largely be what we do and cover, but basic aspects of yoga philosophy, pranayama, and mantra, as participants express an interest in learning more about these aspects, will be touched upon.
 Namaste_102209_24 by meisler4.
Some of our Yoga Classes will be held at Namaste Yoga 
 s_Namaste_102209_15 by meisler4.

newnamaste_3 by meisler4.

And other Yoga Classes will be held On The Beach!

Raw Vegan Foods Portion:
The intention of the retreat is to help the participants incorporate more raw, vegan foods into their daily lifestyles and to take away practical skills that will help them be successful with this when they are "back in their real life".  Cooking demonstrations, combined with the participants making, creating, and un-cooking in a hands-on fashion, will give participants the practice, confidence, and inspiration they seek.

The Schedule
The retreat is from Saturday, August 14 through Sat August 21, 2010.
*Please note, For a half day on Thursday, August 19, and all day on both Friday, August 20 & Saturday, August 21, the participants will have this time entirely to themselves to do whatever they wish and I will not be conducting any yoga classes or formal workshops.  

I encourage you to use and view this week as your "summer vacation" and am allowing ample time for you to be with your family or friends if you're traveling with others, and to explore other areas of San Diego or Southern California, and to simply, do your own thing without a schedule!

 newnamaste_1 by meisler4.
Please arrange to arrive on Saturday, August 14, 2010 and we will have a Welcome Dinner at Local Veggie-Friendly Restaurant at 6:30pm.

Daily Approximate Schedule:

Sunday, Aug 15 - Thursday, Aug 19 (morning yoga practice only on Aug 19):

Daily Morning Yoga at Namaste Yoga 7am-845am


11am-1pm  Vegan/Raw Foods info/classes at the Beach Cottages

Lunch/Free Time (Sit on the Beach, Learn to Surf, Excursions to Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park, the Gaslamp District, Shopping Trips, other area beaches, etc. are some of the things that I can accompany you on or help you arrange)

5-6pm Yoga on the Beach: Hour of Power

Dinner (either at Local Veggie Friendly Restaurant, Averie's House, or on your own)

Info About the Accommodations I have Secured: Ocean Beach Cottage Homes
  • The Beach Cottage Homes are 1 Block From the Beach!

  • Each Cottage House has 2 Bedrooms + Convertible bed(s), & 1 Bath (Sleeps 4-6)
  • For the Double Occupancy option,  you will have your own Bedroom, and shared use of the Bathroom, Kitchen, and Living Area of the Cottage with your roommate.

Each bedroom has a very comfortable queen bed with Egyptian Cotton sheets!
Each bedroom has a very comfortable queen bed with Egyptian Cotton sheets.

  • No need to spend money on restaurants for every meal, eat in!
    • Location is everything.  The cottage homes are steps to the beach and two blocks from the main street in Ocean Beach, Newport Avenue.  There's Sun, Surf, and Relaxation. This is the best that San Diego has to offer!
    • Two blocks from Newport Ave. -- restaurants and shopping!
    • Only two blocks away, the tide-pools will enthrall adults and children alike. Take long walks along the beach where the sunset disappears into the Pacific Ocean each evening. In the spring and fall, whales migrate just beyond the end of the local OB Pier.
    • Everything is provided.  The homes are newly remodeled, fully furnished, and include all linens.  Each cottage home has two master bedrooms each with queen-size beds. The home is very comfortable for four adults although it will sleep six because of a convertible bed in the living room. There is a full kitchen with cookware and dishes, a microwave, and refrigerator.
    • The cottages are located within a mile from Ocean Beach People's Coop, San Diego's only community owned grocery store, specializing in products that are organic, wholesome, minimally processed, cruelty-free, and environmentally safe.   Complete with Deli & Restaurant!

    • RESERVED PARKING IS ON-SITE at the Beach CottagesThis is a big deal at the beach in the summer.  Score!
    • This is your vacation, so relax!  Come back home with clean laundry -- each unit has a washer/dryer inside! TV, stereo, broadband Internet access, DVD and VHS player, and many more amenities. But take my advice, if you came all the way to San Diego, don’t stay inside.  There are activities for all ages within easy walking distance.
    • Bring the entire family!  You pet is welcome if it is well behaved. There is a large front yard, and world famous Dog Beach is only a short walk.
    • Activities within walking distance: Hiking, Biking, Tennis, Basketball, Fishing, Wildlife Viewing, Shopping, Restaurants, Sightseeing, Swimming, Snorkeling/Diving, Surfing.


    • Price with a roommate: $1495 for the Week for Double Occupancy--Early Bird Pricing Special, You Must Act by April 1, 2010 for this!  After April 1st the price is $1695
    • Price without a roommate: $2095 for the Week for Single Occupancy (Private Use of the Cottage, no roommate)--Bring the family, kids, dog, the place is yours for the week! Plus YOU get all the rest of the retreat benefits while your traveling companions have plenty to occupy them! After April 1st the price is $2295
    • Retreat-Only (you secure your own lodging but have access to the yoga classes and raw/vegan foods sessions) $695 before April 1, 2010.  $795 after April 1, 2010
    • Daily Drop-In Rate is $175 per day before April 1, 2010 and $195 per day after April 1, 2010.

    Included in Your Rate:
    • Your Accommodations if you choose this option for the week.  Saturday, August 14- Saturday, August 21, 2010
    • Yoga Classes Twice per Day
    • Vegan/Raw Foods Demo's and Lectures, Raw Ingredients, Cooking Supplies
    • 2 All-Expense-Paid Dinners at Local Veggie Friendly Restaurants
    • 1 Dinner at Averie's House
    • A Few Neat Surprises & Goodies!!!
    • Info and Guidance on Excursions to San Diego Area Hot Spots such as Balboa Park

    Or Excurions to Nearby Beaches Such As:
    La Jolla Beach

    ...and There are So Many More Things to Do during your time in San Diego, too!

    Booking & Payment Info

    Please Note: 
    • Your space is not reserved for the Retreat until you are Paid In Full if you are doing the Early Bird Pricing
    • or until you put a $1000 deposit down if you're doing the Regular Pricing with the balance due in full by June 15, 2010.
    • Credit Cards Accepted (4% additional fee applies)  
    • No Refunds.  No Exceptions.
    • Space Is Limited, Act Now!!!!!!!!!!! 
    • Contact Averie at for Booking Information

    These are Questions that I Anticipate so I am Going to Answer them Now:
    I want to attend the retreat August 14-21 but can arrange my own lodging.  What is the fee for the retreat only, no lodging included?  $695 before April 1, 2010.  $795 after April 1, 2010.

    I want to drop in for just a day or two.  Is this possible?  Yes.  The daily fee is $175 per day before April 1, 2010 and $195 after April 1, 2010.

    I live in Southern California and would like to drive-in and attend just a day or two of the retreat.  Is this possible?  If you feel this is applicable to you, email Averie with what you have in mind and/or see preceding answer.

    I am a yoga beginner.  Is this retreat appropriate for me?  Yes, absolutely!  All levels of practice are welcome.

    I am not a vegetarian/vegan/raw foodie and don't plan on becoming one.  Is this retreat appropriate for me?  Yes, absolutely!  All dietary paths will be respected.  The goal of this retreat is to help you explore new ways of eating and preparing food that you can take back to your "real life" and put them to use, if you choose.

    This sounds great, but it's too expensive. 
    Please remember that high season, on the beach, in the summer in San Diego is going to be a minimum of $150-200/per night in a hotel room, plus taxes and fees.  And you're staying in a private beach house, not a hotel room.  The way I see it and from the price comparisons I have done, what you would expect to pay for lodging for one week in a hotel or rented beach house is roughly equal to what the entire retreat is going to cost; thereby the yoga and the raw vegan foods portion is essentially costing you very little.
    For comparison's sake, a one-day (no lodging) raw foods class in Santa Barbara, CA is $365For one day only.
    For comparison's sake, a Yoga Workshop in San Diego a week before my retreat is $1600, that's tuition-only.  No lodging.

    How have you been able to get the lodging secured this inexpensively?  It's a friend of mine; she and her husband own rental properties in San Diego and she's doing me a huge favor by cutting this deal!

    Do I have to stay the whole week?  No.  However, the beach cottages are rented by the week and so in paying for the retreat, you will have access to your cottage for the week, but obviously you can check out early if you wish.  I have done the math and it's actually as cheap or cheaper to book by the week this time of year in private homes compared to nightly bookings.

    Tell me again about the lodging.  What's it like?  Everything is provided.  The homes are newly remodeled, fully furnished, and include all linens.  Each cottage home has two master bedrooms each with queen-size beds. The home is very comfortable for four adults although it will sleep six because of a convertible bed in the living room. There is a full kitchen with cookware and dishes, a microwave, and refrigerator.   Each unit has a washer/dryer inside, TV, stereo, broadband Internet access, DVD and VHS player, and many more amenitiesThere are activities for all ages within easy walking distance.

    Do I need to rent a car?  If you plan on leaving the Ocean Beach area I would suggest renting a car because it will make your life much easier to sightsee.  However, everything in OB is walkable.  The lodging is less than 1 mile from the yoga studio.  And, if you don't want to rent a car for the whole trip, that's fine too, whatever will make things easier for you.

    How far from the airport is Ocean Beach?  A 10 to 15 minute car ride.

    What is the weather like in San Diego in August?  In Ocean Beach and at San Diego area beaches, because of the ocean breeze, high 70s/low 80s by day, and somewhat cooler by night.  Sunny.  Usually not a cloud in the sky once the marine layer burns off for the day.

    Do you accept credit cards?  Yes.  For an extra fee of 4%, I do. 

    Why should I consider this?  Going on a retreat/vacation such as this will allow you to deepen your knowledge of yoga, raw foods, and yourself.  You will be in a picturesque setting, in sunny, warm, San Diego.  Immersing yourself in a new city, exploring, traveling, meeting like-minded others, and giving yourself this time is a wonderful gift and one that will provide cherished memories, for a lifetime.  If you are viewing this time as more vacation and less about the yoga/raw vegan foods, you will still emerge from the week, rejuvenated, refreshed, and with a lightness of being.

    Each and every time I have gone on retreats, I have grown so immensely as a person; my horizons expand, my heart swells, I make new friends that I have kept through our powerful and shared common experience I look back so incredibly fondly on the retreats I've been fortunate enough to take and hope this retreat becomes a reality for you!

    Should I bring my significant other/spouse/child/extended family/a friend?  That's up to you, but a week on the beach sounds like a great vacation with tons to do for everyone!   
    San Diego Beach by

    If you are commenting in the comments section on the blog and want a personalized reply, you must write out your email address as blogger conceals most of them.

    If after re-reading this information, you need clarification, please email me!

    If you want to discuss the retreat further, or have specific concerns or questions, please email me at  

    I hope to see everyone on the Beach in August!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. For my non-regular blog readers, here is my bio:
    Picture Averie Harmony stumbled into her first yoga class in 2000 just wanting a good workout and a lean, sculpted physique.  She never knew she'd instantly fall in love with yoga and the magical, happy, and blissful feelings that stemmed from her practice.  She wasted no time in reserving her place at Nosara Yoga Institute of Costa Rica for the Winter 2001 Teacher Training.  Averie has been a RYT-200 Teacher with Yoga Alliance since 2001 and some of her teachers & gurus include Don & Amba Stapleton, Tim Miller, Rich McGowan, Stacy McCarthy, R. Sarath, and the late Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois himself.   Averie is currently pursing her RYT-500 Hour Certification with an expected completion date of March, 2010.

    Averie has a daily personal practice and is drawn to traditional ashtanga yoga as well as it's various offshoots including power, vinyasa, and flow-based styles of yoga.  Averie feels comfortable teaching all levels of students and welcomes students with no yoga experience to those with years of experience on the mat.  We are all students, we are all always learning.   

    Namaste, friends, and Averie looks forward to seeing you in class or on retreats!

    "Do your practice and all is coming."
    Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois

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