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Yoga poses for PMS

Posted Aug 01 2010 11:28pm

Almost ninety percent of women across the globe ail from pre- menstrual problems. Pre- menstrual syndrome is the most agonizing phase and essentially draws down the confidence of facing a menstrual cycle. Menstrual cycles actually drain out vast amounts of energy from a female’s body. Excessive loss of blood during menstrual cycle is accountable for the woes of women and is causal to immense stress and traumas. This condition could mallet a woman’s physical as well as mental wellbeing.

To overcome all such conditions, it is necessary that a woman possesses a strong body as well mind. This is possible by pay attention to proper nutrition and healthy diet on a daily basis. It is important to consume good amount of nutritional diet for restoring health and compensating for the loss of blood. It is essential to include fresh green leafy vegetables, vitamin C packed fruits, and several important minerals. Along with good food, one also needs to get adequate sleep that will provide rest to the organs and vital for restoring energy.

Our body requires appropriate amount of exercise in order to gain fresh supply of oxygen. Exercise keeps our body fresh and active. Exercising on a regular basis helps in curing numerous ailments that involve stretching muscles of the body. Muscles and tissues of the abdomen require sufficient amount of blood, oxygen, and nutrients to combat the pain of PMS. One does not need to engage in rigorous cardiovascular exercises; you may even opt for aerobic exercise that provides the body with adequate benefits. Aerobic exercise includes yoga that is vastly beneficial in the treatment of PMS. The scriptures of Yoga have mentioned numerous yoga poses that can heal the pain of PMS naturally.

Yoga poses are widely performed across the globe for its myriad benefits. Different yoga poses are exceedingly helpful in curing different problems that are associated with PMS. They will cure stomach cramps, excessive bleeding, mood swings, loss of appetite, loss of weight, numbness in hand and feet and acute weakness. Numerous yoga poses that have been Yoga for pmsfound to be beneficial in curing PMS are:

  • Easy pose
  • Cat pose
  • Bow pose
  • Anuloma viloma
  • Wind relieving pose
  • Yoga poses for pre menstrual syndromeFish pose
  • Cobra pose
  • Kapalabhati

Inculcating these yoga poses into your daily routine would help in healing your body naturally. These poses are also beneficial to the body during menses and post-menstrual cycle.

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