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Yoga Pose May – Dancer Pose

Posted May 25 2010 9:29am

Hello luvs,

Today was my day to take part in the Yoga Pose May event that the lovely Tina and Kate put together. The Yoga Pose May challenge was designed to have different bloggers feature a different yoga pose on their blog.

My pose was called Dancer Pose also known as Lord of the Dance Pose.

The dancer pose is great for balance and strength!

may 2010 p2r blog 917 Start in Mountain Pose than as you inhale start to shift your weight onto right foot and begin to lift your left foot up.

may 2010 p2r blog 921 Now take your hand and grasp the outside of your foot or ankle. As you start to bend forward press your tail bone towards the floor.

may 2010 p2r blog 922

Begin to stretch your arm forward and leg back.

may 2010 p2r blog 923 And breathe for about 20 seconds and repeat on other side.

Here are some benefits of doing Dancer Yoga Pose:
  • Stretches the shoulders and chest
  • Stretches the thighs, groins, and abdomen
  • Strengthens the legs and ankles
  • Improves balance

There are different variations to this pose you can read more here .

Now my yoga skills are no way near this amazing lady …the person Michelle and I always look to for our yoga inspiration!!

Michelle has her yoga pose tomorrow…see ya then!


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