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Yoga on the Brain

Posted Jun 02 2011 10:05pm

After revamping my goals for the next 6 months I was super excited about going to hot yoga after work. I had already pumped myself up and couldn’t wait for the day to be over. For lunch I had some leftover salad  from the other night with some grape tomatoes.

Leftover salad

I feel so much better at yoga when I’ve eaten a few small meals throughout the day rather than a couple large ones. Unfortunately my sweet tooth was calling and I had to answer. I couldn’t choose between gum and chocolate so I got both.

Gum AND chocolate

I don’t really consider a Fiber One bar a sweet anyway because it’s not a candy bar so I did good! I’m not a fan of the word “OR” either. Why do I have to choose when I can get both?

Anyways, after work and nearing the time to change clothes and head out the door I get delayed by work and have to stay a few minutes later. I WAS DEVASTATED!!!

Don’t they know I have YOGA? Don’t they know I’ve been excited about this all day? Don’t they care about my goals? UGH! On the angry drive home I knew I could just run with Harper which would make her happy, but I had yoga on the brain. I had already anticipated the cool lavender towel across my forehead during shavasana at the end of class, deep sigh. Luckily Travis got home at the same time so we ran together and all was right with the world.

For dinner we took it back old school with a meal fit for a 3rd grader. Mac and cheese(from a box), canned kidney beans, and frozen green beans! * this is Travis’ plate, I ate mine in a bowl but it wasn’t fit for a photo.

Kiddie plate

No, I still haven’t gone to the store. I’m using up what I have, which clearly isn’t much!

Missing yoga was not as bad as I made it to be, but I can’t stand getting something on my mind and then plans changing. It’s one of my pet peeves! Next time I’ll be better at going with the flow!

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