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Yoga Journal Conference NYC

Posted Mar 24 2011 3:33pm

I’m sitting here trying to find out where I’m going to get $231 to attend this event. I am interested in doing a Yoga workout with (the legendary) Shiva Rea is going to be teaching the class I want to attend. I have a couple of her DVDs and I like doing them a lot.

Course DescriptionMandala Namaskar: Circular Movement in Yoga, Instructor: Shiva Rea
In this increasingly gridlike world, experience the healing power of a mandala (sacred circle) within a namaskar, or moving meditation vinyasa. We’ll learn four salutation sequences that unfold in an integrated flow. **This class has been approved by American Council on Exercise (ACE) for 0.2 CECs.**



At first, I didn’t like the “look” of Yoga at all because it was too slow for me, would be a waste of my calorie burning loving time and I used to have this rush rush mentalility when it came to fitness, but I am so over that now. Sometimes one needs to just slow down for a while and take in the scenery, air or whatever else he or she wants to take in. I am in no way saying that everyone should do Yoga or I am this Yoga buff because I am not, but I do enjoy performing Yoga on a weekly basis. Yoga helps me with increasing my balance, breathing and flexibility skills and that’s the main reason why I even do Yoga, Pilates, Balance and Stretching routines. I really should be doing a little bit every morning which I probably will start. Gaiam’s AM Yoga with Rodney Yee would be a great place to start and guess what…I have that workout too, of course.

Anyway, the price of this Sunday morning event is a bit steep for $200, but I bet it’s worth it just to work out with the great one in person. With the $50 dollar discount code and the $25 Yoga Journal Conference organic t-shirt (I gotta have the SHIIIIIIIIIIIRT) the price is up there! The event takes place on Sunday, May 15, 2011 from 8am to 10am. I need to read more into the website to see what else is offered if anything…

Michael Pollen, author of In Defense of Food (great book - everyone should read this book), is going to be at the conference the Friday night before the Sunday I want to go.  It would be nice to attend his event, but I have a little one at home and she needs me in the evenings.

Let’s see if the husband is going to feel what I’m talking about when I bring it up. Early bird specials on the price is up so that means they will be hiking up the price as the date approaches.

More info about the complete event can be found HERE !

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