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Yoga – more than weight loss and flexibity

Posted Feb 16 2013 7:43am


Whether you are looking for a workout that can make you look slim, make your body more
flexible, help you relieve stress or no matter what, yoga is a one-stop-shop for all. Many studies
show that yoga provides the practitioner with a plethora of benefits from physical and mental
to spiritual. It is rare to find any other form of exercises that offer as many health benefits as

Amongst the countless changes that yoga brings to your body, mind and spirit, below are some
of the major benefits of practicing yoga:

Physical Strength and Flexibility

Yoga can help one recover from joint pain and stiffness. As published in an American journal,
yoga is an effective and efficient remedy for arthritis patients. Yoga increases the muscle
strength, stamina and flexibility in your body.

Say Goodbye to Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain

In this era of the internet and computer, the problems like neck and back pain have become
very common amongst people. Forward stretches along with other body postures can tone and
strengthen the muscles near shoulder and neck region. For a back pain, backbends are a great
solution; perform it smoothly and in a smooth manner. If not taken care of in the earlier stage,
such body pain can result into a long-term and a chronic pain.

Remedy for Breathing Disorders

Don’t you want a clean and fresh mouth every morning? Well, you need to follow a strict diet
plan and perform exercises on a daily basis. Well, if you don’t want to do these both, practice
pranayama everyday for 15-20 minutes. There are numerous forms of pranayama that helps
people witnessing short breathing considerably. You can have a better control over breathe. It
also makes a positive impact on the digestive organs and respiratory system of our body.

Remove toxin and extra pounds

Yoga can eliminate the injurious toxins from your body. When you take deep breaths, it makes
you feel relaxed and burns up to 140% more calories than burnt in driving a stationary bike.
It can also help you control your taste buds for unhealthy fast food. If you want to lose some
more inches or pounds, you can practice Bikram Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga.

Maintain Blood Pressure and Diabetes

When you perform inverted yoga postures like the headstand, the Plough posture and the
crane posture, your abdomen and legs are at a higher level than your heart, meaning your
blood circulation increases which in turn help in improving your cardiovascular health. This way
you can also control the sugar level in your body.

Helps women with Breast Cancer

A research conducted by the scientists of Wake Forest University School of Medicine shows that
yoga can result in a 50% decrease in depression and a 12% increase in mental well-being for
women surviving breast cancer.

A Myriad of Health Benefits to Women before and After the Pregnancy

Prenatal yoga exercises help women prepare mentally and physically with the deadly labor
pain. It also brings positiveness in her during and after the pregnancy. Postnatal yoga is ideal
for new mothers to fight against the postpartum depression and stay confident. Practicing yoga
regularly during pregnancy can help pregnant women recover quickly after the childbirth. In
addition, there are countless other benefits of yoga for pregnant women.

Get you a glowing skin

Now, you need not to spend thousands of dollars behind cosmetics. You can get a glowing
and healthy skin from within with the help of yoga. Studies show that inverted postures like
Halasana, sun salutations and pranayama add that sparkle on your face that your expensive
make-up kit can’t.

Improves Mental Strength

Hot yoga is performed by making 26 postures of Hatha yoga in a heated room for 1 hour and 30
minutes. This style enhances the mental strength of the practitioner.

Yoga keeps you happy and healthy. So, what’s holding you back now? Find your yoga teacher
and start learning yoga ASAP!

Author Bio: The author has suffered from a breathing disorder for a long time. In her many
attempts to recover from this disease, Hatha yoga proved to be the most effective and
excellent way of eliminating breathing problems.

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