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Yay for PT (and TJ's Chocolate Yogurt!)

Posted Oct 05 2009 10:03pm
Hey guys!

Sorry for going MIA again. I was doing so good at posting, too! Haha. I just got back from my first physical therapy appointment for my hip flexor strain. It went well! It's hilarious because I swear the dude is 7'5". Okay, maybe like 6'10 or something, cause I swear he's the tallest guy I've ever seen, except for my friend's husband (who is 6'10-6'11). I'm barely 5'0 tall-- more like 4'11 3/4", so we make an interesting pair!

The doc had said it was a minor strain, which I disagreed with. It was at least a moderate strain. After doing some tests, the PT disagreed too, and said it was pretty inflamed. My pelvis also kind of twisted, so now my left leg is an inch shorter than the right. It's not permanent or anything, but it definitely needs to be worked on. Instead of the 2x/week, he's gonna have my come in 3 times. Since I have class from 8-5 wednesday (bio lab is 3 hours!), I'm coming in tomorrow instead. I've got the 8am appointment before I have to rush to class.

Oh, it was kinda funny today cause he had to do manual therapy to loosen the hip flexor, which hurt like crazy. I didn't make a sound though, and afterwards he looked at me and said, "you're tougher than I thought!" Haha, not all lil blonde girls are wimps ;)

Okay, so I pretty much did nothing this weekend except rest my hip, go online, and study. I did take a trip out to the WF's and Trader Joe's in phoenix, and I haven't been there in so long! I totally stocked up at TJ's and also got some new yogurts. Two of these yogurts changed my life. And they are:


So if you freeze these guys, you end up with a darker and richer version of a Wendy's frosty. No joke. I'm like, addicted to these things now. I'll probably just figure out how to make my own version for now, cause I def. ate all of em already! If you see these guys near you (and you're not vegan), try em out!! For the best treat ever, freeze them-- partially frozen is the BEST.

Ok, another new product was found at Whole Foods. I usually use Soy Silk Creamer for my coffee, but I was definitely intrigued by this new coconut creamer:

I was a little worried about using it in my coffee, cause I didn't want to ruin a whole cup if it was nasty. I tried a little bit by itself, and it was pretty good. Light and not very sweet, with a hint of coconut flavor. Nothing too strong, though. It was great in my coffee! I also sweeten my coffee with stevia, so I don't need a sweet creamer. I'm pretty sure they have this creamer in vanilla and hazelnut flavors too, though.

This is a definite must-try if you like creamer in your coffee! Another plus is that it stays fresh for 14 days, instead of the 7-10 that the silk soy creamer does. It's got no HFCS or trans fat, so that's awesome. I found this at whole foods, so keep an eye out for it!

Some more delish eats:

Frozen Wallaby pineapple yogurt and a TJ's apple cranberry muffin:

Frozen maple yogurt:

I'm really into frozen yogurts right now... can ya tell? ;)

Doesn't this look like the apple the witch gave Snow White?:

A hugh jass bowl of popcorn to fuel my study session:

I took regular popcorn kernels from a jar and put them inside a paper brown lunch bag. Then I put the bag in the microwave and put a heavy microwave-safe bowl over the top end of the bag to keep the popcorn kernels from shooting out. Microwaved on high for several minutes, and voila! Air-popped popcorn with no oil or icky stuff, cheaper than bagged popcorn!

I like regular popcorn with spray butter + salt, but sometimes I also like sweet popcorn with a lil cinnamon + stevia + cocoa powder. Some salt too, for a salty-sweet combo! Yum :D

Here's some more popcorn with a handful of dried cranberries:

I tried this Strawberry Oikos for the first time:

Verdict? I liked it! It was great by itself, and I didn't have to add anything like I do with regular greek yogurt. I definitely appreciated the greek yogurt thickness.

Zevia "whipped cream float":

Zevia + Whipped Cream = major deliciousness



Apple Pumpkin Oats

And this is apple oats with pureed canned butternut squash:

Morningstar Grilled Chick'N salad:

With Annie's Island Marinade dressing.

Alright, I think that's enough of a picture overload for now! Hope you guys had a great weekend and are having an awesome start to your week. I've gotta try and catch up on my google reader tonight.

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