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Writing Workshop

Posted Mar 03 2012 1:28am

It’s supposed to be a gorgeous weekend in San Diego. Sunny and 80F. I’m not sure if 80 is going to happen, but I wouldn’t complain if it does. Bring on spring. Or summer. I’m all about warm weather.

I’m going to be spending Saturday indoors because I’m participating in a writing workshop that author and writing coach Dianne Jacob is putting on. I found out about this intimate workshop (limited to only 10 participants) for members of the San Diego Food Bloggers group and I quickly snatched up a spot. I figure that I write at least 10 blogs posts a week, usually 2 posts per day, and if I can learn something that will help make me a better writer, then it’s a day well spent.

Plus, I get to hang out with other local food bloggers and talk shop.

It’s been that kind of hang out with other bloggers and talk shop (and eat frosting and play with KitchenAid’s) kind of week.

Events like this always seem to cluster up which is what happened last summer. I had more going on in one week than I did in months; a trip, a workshop, multiple blogger meetups, but it was a fabulous week , that’s for sure.

The writing workshop lunch is being held at one San Diego blogger’s home, and it’s a potluck lunch. I’m bringing pastrami on rye, with a side of garlicky mashed potatoes topped with crumbled bacon bits and green onions.


I’m bringing my favorite brownies , that have been enhanced a bit (see #10).

And I think I’m also going to bring a bottle of wine.

You know, in case we want to try our hand at creative writing after a glass or two, while sitting outside and smelling the roses and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Is writing something that comes easily to you?

Writing blog posts, writing term papers, writing for your job, writing emails, writing essays, writing non-fiction, writing fiction…they are all so different and what works with one does not necessarily work with another.

I’d fail out of college if I wrote my research papers like I write my blog posts; and if I wrote my blog posts like research papers, I’d have precisely two readers (me and Scott) because it would be a snore-bore. I’m anxious to learn from Dianne and soak up as much as I can.

Do you ever get writer’s block?

I don’t get writer’s block. I have plenty to say; too much to say, perhaps.

However, sometimes the things I want to write about don’t necessarily have to do with cookies or brownies, so to try to weave stories into food posts is something that can be a challenge. Not always, but sometimes.

I like to tell stories with the food I blog about to help put readers in the mood that I was when making it, when eating it, or to share why I made what I made, or share my childhood food experiences and memories.

Without telling a story about the food, and just posting the recipe and a picture, is akin to Allrecipes or any other recipe-based site. I have too much to say to simply post a recipe without writing a bit more and sharing details and stories. I figure if people don’t like some story-telling, they wouldn’t read food blogs and would only go to recipe sites for their recipes, but I’d like to learn to write better.

Improve, grow, challenge, change, strive. Good stuff.

Thanks for the Yoga Mat Giveaway entries

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