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Writer's Block and Runner's Block

Posted Mar 21 2013 12:49pm
We've all heard of "writer's block", right?  You sit down to write (blog) and nothing comes out.  Yeah, that's me right now.  I've sat down almost every night for the past week and bam, I got nothing.  I've got all kinds of things in my head that I could write about but for some reason it's just not coming.


I'm pretty sure some of it is due, in part, to my crappy run last Sunday.  29km on the schedule, I headed out early and the weather was perfect.  It actually started out as a really great run.  It was even going to be my longest solo run to date.  My knee started to nag within 30 mins but it was totally manageable and wasn't really bothering me that much.

Around 22km I had to go uphill and a huge headwind picked up making it really tough going and necessary to dig in to keep going.  Ugh.  My knee really started to scream at that point.  Ouch.  I made it up the hill and onto the flats but with my ouchy knee I decided to cut a small loop off my route to give my knee a bit of a rest.  I was starting to feel kind of defeated.  Then something in my left foot started to hurt.  Crap, feeling even more defeated.

I'm usually quite good at staying positive and pushing on but Sunday I guess I lost that ability.  With my sore knee and a new aching foot something in my mind just kinda gave up.  My lip started to quiver, my eyes began to sting and then it was impossible to breathe properly because I was starting to tear up.  Great.  Now I was walking, limping and ugly-crying my way along the sidewalk.

Because I've never fully understood exactly what is going in my knee/calf injury, it's been really hard to know if I'm treating it the right way.  It had been feeling really quite good for the past couple of weeks and now that day it basically sucked.  I've become used to accepting my back injuries and all the problems that come with it but I am notoriously bad at accepting these random type of injuries that come from running into poles and stepping into holes.  And on Sunday I think I gave up trying to accept it and just panicked.

For the first time ever I called my husband to come pick me up.  It killed me to do it but my heart wasn't in this run anymore.  I plunked myself down at a bus stop and waited.  And, knowing I'd eventually end up blogging about my crappy run, I snapped a sad-face picture and one of my stupid knee.

And wouldn't you know it, I glanced down as I stopped my Garmin and I was right around 26km - again!  That damn 26km curse got me a third time!

Anyhow, I got home, iced my knee and had a nice long, hot shower.  With my back I understand all the ins and outs and know exactly which pains I can put up with and which ones I need to rest for.  With this dumb knee injury, I don't know those things.  On the best advice I had, I ran cautiously for the past few weeks letting my pain guide me.  And I had some really great runs and many days without any kind of pain at all.  However, it clearly still isn't back to normal and the long runs seem to aggravate it.

I don't want to be stupid and push through something that is going to hurt me more in the end.  I've gone to some additional appointments this week and am in the process of revamping my training strategy for BMO and Run for Water.  But for this week anyway (and likely most of next week) I'm just resting.  Yep, a self-imposed "runner's block".  Which I think is contributing immensely to my writer's block.  I'm sad when I'm not running and it's just been easier to not blog at all these past few days.

Despite my no-run sadness I do have some cool stuff to write about in the next few days.  I am so excited that I've been able to secure some great product donations from some really cool companies to use as incentives and prizes in my fundraising and I've been finding some great success in my core/back conditioning program I started recently (finally!)  I also decided to try this little thing called Whole30 and that's been going great too.  So I'm not dead, just not writing much these days.  But I'm still here and I'm still reading and enjoying what everyone else is up to.

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