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Write down the trouble, afternoon nap, meditation meditation the six habits can increase life expectancy

Posted May 07 2013 7:46am
  Details determine success or failure, habits decide the future. In terms of health and longevity, is also true. The herself Latest Papers, published the beneficial longevity of a number of experts concluded a few good habits. 
  To be optimistic. Optimists live longer. National Institutes of Health Women's Health Initiative (WHI) research project for a period of 15 years involving more than 100,000 women participants  cheap christian louboutin outlet. The study found that compared to pessimists, optimists in the eight-year follow-up survey, the mortality rate was 14% lower. Dr. Bernie Orr said, Imagine lying on the beach hammock on the scene, you can immediately make their own physical and mental relaxation, and will not be difficult to let go of the bad things in life. 
  Troubles write it down. Eliminate worry, be happy longevity. Washington, DC, psychologist Andrea Bernie Orr said Dr. daily trouble written on paper into trouble cylinder (or drawer), cheap christian louboutin pumps  helps to classify the trouble to eliminate. Less anxiety, physical and mental health. Stress hormone cortisol excess can cause chronic pain, depression, cognitive problems, and even heart disease, and thus shorten the life span. 
  Afternoon nap. Allegheny College in the United States, a new study found that when life flow, and pressure doubled, unpleasant mood, a 45-minute nap can help lower blood pressure. Nap also helps to supplement the lack of sleep. The long-term lack of sleep will accelerate the aging of cells. Ensure the baby sleep, help younger and live longer. 
  The right to relax. Said Dr. Brent Bauer, Mayo Clinic experts, must pay attention to science relax. Relaxation movement can also be some breathing. Including: back pain yoga; cheap christian louboutin heels  the high cholesterol qigong; depression music therapy, Qigong and yoga; heart of a poor practice your deep breathing, qigong and yoga; immune poor practice breathing, chanting; insomnia and migraine people try acupuncture and yoga. Massachusetts Institute of Psychosomatic Medicine, Herbert, director of the Dr. Hanson completed recent study found that yoga, red bottom shoes on sale  tai chi and other exercises can relax, inhibit the secretion of stress hormones and adrenaline, steady heartbeat, lower blood pressure, help digestion. 
  Meditation meditation. With the acceleration of human aging, the brain begins to shrink. However, the "neurological Report" magazine published a study found that meditation meditation prefrontal cortex thickness is thicker than the average person, the role of these areas is to control attention and perception. University of California, neuropsychologist Dr. Hanson said that meditation meditation is an excellent brain operation, cheap christian louboutin shoes  can make the brain stronger. 
  Knowledge common brain. British neurobiologist Miller said: "The human brain is trained the less, the faster aging." Often use their brains to help make better choices, useful longevity. Often with the brain also helps to prevent the occurrence of cognitive impairment. Good way to change the mood of the elderly should be constantly reading, learning new knowledge. Advocates of the older "learning." Mechanical memory capacity of the elderly than the young badly, cheap louboutin outlet  but understand the memory capacity is enhanced. Serious study, positive thinking, can delay the aging process. 
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