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Wow, the ultimate Wedding Dance ...

Posted Jun 19 2009 5:41pm

chickn3 Wow, the ultimate Wedding Dance gets its own holiday!

For just about anything chicken, including “How to Do the Chicken Dance”, here is a great site:   (Bet the song gets stuck in your head all day today!)

Dance Like a Chicken Day reminds us that part of being healthy is HAVING FUN!  Remember that laughter relieves stress and pain, it relaxes the whole body, boosts the immune system, and protects your heart.  Laughter can help you overcome fear and build resilience.

This week (a little off topic, but still relevant) I watched “Finding Nemo” for about the 5,000th time with my children, and it always strikes me that in the end Dory and Marlin reach the same place, but Dory’s journey is so much more delightful and educational because she is free of fear and negativity.  She has fun (remember when she swims and dives in the whale’s mouth while Marlin “beats his head against the wall” repeatedly?)  But both end up safe and closer to their final destination, with Dory being the one who is probably ultimately healthier because of her lower stress level.

So have fun today.  Dance Like a Chicken if your heart so desires!

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