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Would you rather....? No. 17 "Adventure Theme"

Posted Jun 17 2011 4:03am
I am so excited to share with you that I was selected as a Fit Fluential, Inc. Ambassador ! Check out the other FFA's you know HERE as well.

This is by no means exclusive, so you can apply for phase 2.  To find out more, like Fit Fluential, Inc. on facebook HERE and follow on twitter HERE .  I encourage you to go for it!

Cooper and I get are en route with Coach for another recruiting trip this weekend.  This time we are heading east to Missoula, MT.  Who lives here?  Give me a holler!
Best co-pilot ever
This time of year, I really miss my hometown Omaha, NE because the city comes alive supporting the Men's College World Series. It is an absolute celebration for 2 weeks.

Check out Coach in his Jersey Shore wannabe shirt! "It's t-shirt tiiiiiiiime!"
   It IS without a doubt the best time!

2010 was the last time Rosenblatt Stadium was host site.  This year, TD Ameritrade Park was built.  It is a gem!
 Coach and I got to pay tribute to the old stadium last year

 This week's "Would you rather...?" is hosted by Haley at Climb Run Lift Mom .  Haley loves adventure and might be a little bit of an adrenaline junkie. Love ya girl!

1.  Would you rather climb a mountain?

Or, ski down a mountain?

Me: I think I would choose the climb.  My knees hurt looking at the latter image! 
2. Would you rather go surfing?

Or, free-diving?

Me:  Surfing.all.the.way.  The submersion in water kind of freaks me out. Plus, I'm such a wannabe beach girl!
3.  Would you rather climb Mt. Everest?

Or, run Badwater?

Me:  Have you read Into Thin Air ?!  Yikes.  Bring on the heat.
4. Would you rather go base jumping?

Or, walk a highline?

Me:  I didn't even know what a "highline" was until now.  Oh, my SHART !  I don't think I could do either of these with clean underwear!!

Thanks Haley!  This was fantastic!  Be sure to check out Haley's "Favorite things" giveaway which ends this Sunday.
If you are interested in creating your own, "Would you rather..." be sure to email me by clicking on my Contact Me tab above.

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