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Worried about my cough and how its now accompanied with green an yellow phelgm ?

Posted by Lxx

hello, Im really worried because it started off a sore throat last saturday and then I got a dry cough gradually get worse for 2 days then it turned into a chesty cough, yesterday I was coughing up loadsa green phelgm which hadnt happened earlier on in the week and today it comes up green yellow at night I cough worse though its really bad and theres a sort of horrible itching just below my adams apple. I went to the hospital on thursday for another problem, and he was examining me and he noticed my throat was red so prescribed me azithromycin . However Im not sure this is the right one because of my coughing . Also I took 'day five' one yesterday instead of the 'day one''. I am really worried, should I be? Also I feel coold
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