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Worried about hair loss ? This discovery will find solution.

Posted Jun 29 2009 6:17pm

Hair loss is the major problem faced by men all over the world and i expect this post will give some confidence to the people who are facing that problem.

Recently i have found an article that scientists revealed a gene that is linked to early hair loss and they found that absence of gene Sox21 - which it said is shared by mice and humans and this can lead to early hair loss.

The actual experiment went on like this..... the scientists studied mice by blocking the gene and interestingly they found that mice started losing hair 15 days after and after 1 week head became complete bald.

As we knew old hair falls and new hair begin to grow and in these cases of mice the normal hair though developed fell rapidly and this provided the scientists a new way to study the hair fall problem and initially this gene was known to be linked to the formation of nerve cells and they are also thinking that this gene is the reason for the thinning of hair .

Let's hope that this study will provide a great way for hair loss problem and will help many , sorry most men in the world .I will provide updates regarding this information as soon as i found it- have a nice day :-)

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