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Workplace #Wellness – Is your workplace killing you? #health #bodyimage

Posted May 06 2013 1:11pm

Recently, I read a study about stress in the workplace and how it can increase inflammation and cardiovascular risk. What happened to workplace “wellness?” In my opinion, we’re going about it all wrong. Wellness isn’t about biggest loser contests or diets. If you think about it, wellness is a broad term that envelops so much more than an employee’s diet or weight.

Stress in the workplace can obviously come from work tasks, time management issues, personality conflicts, spending too much time seated, and feeling undervalued, just to name a few issues. Did you know it could also come from situations that negatively impact your diet or self-image? Let me provide a few examples… (names have been changed to protect the innocent and not so innocent).

So it’s Sheila’s birthday. Let’s go out lunch and then have cupcakes. Oh, Kelly was out yesterday so let’s do lunch and dessert again…. OR just leave all the cupcakes in the middle of everyone’s cubical. I wonder how many cupcakes you’ll want or actually eat? Visual triggers (a.k.a. food in your face) usually isn’t a good idea for anyone.

How about the boss who has no clue how completely obvious it is that he or she is giving you the once- over. You know what I mean; the scrutiny about how you look, what you’re wearing or how you’re wearing it with no words spoken. Could this be someone’s perception?  Sure it could. However, it may also be a very real and rude. This type of behavior can impact self-image and work productivity. It’s helpful for no one!

In a post I wrote last year called It’s None of your Business , I addressed how many people in our culture feel it’s appropriate to comment on someone else’s body or dietary habits. Arg! Diet talk… It’s not okay. Are you a victim of workplace ignorance, weight stigma, or even an offender? It’s time to give it some thought…

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