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Workout your Arms in 15 Minutes!

Posted Aug 05 2011 12:59pm

Sorry friends..NO Foodie Friday today – Justin and I are  leaving tomorrorw for a few days at the beach – and I haven’t had the time to make something new/write about. MORE recipes will be coming soon though – I promise!


However.. I did have 5 minutes on my hands yesterday – and decided to do ANOTHER  reader request…


Yesterday – I had every intention of going to the gym for my 3mi run and strength. Then I took the garbage out.  And I thought.. hmm .. it is pretty nice out. Let’s do the run outdoors.

Welp – it might have been cool, but the air was thick. And the run pretty much sucked. I held a decent pace but just felt like doo-doo the entire time and had terrible stomach cramps that I could not work out.


That being said – STRENGTH training is so important to me and while I felt like switching on the AC and just pulling up a chair to it and placing my face right in front of the vent… I did not.


Instead – I did a bunch of arm exercises… that I then decided to record for you!!

Please be aware that I am NOT a trainer or exercise professional.  If you have questions or concerns about these exercises – please seek information from a professional.  I am not trained to perform these exercises correctly – and am actually noting how bad some of my form is! I guess I always need to have a mirror in front of me.


Don’t you love my newest attire addition: My 3-Day Bandana! You may remember seeing it in odd ways…wrapped around my face…covering my eyes… I rarely leave for a workout without it! :) $5.00 well spent.


While these arm exercises can  be done quickly – I will admit that my arms were sore this morning.


A total success if you ask me!


(And incase you were wondering… it took me about 3 more hours to realize I was still wearing my Garmin. Woopsies…)


What are your plans for the weekend?!  

After my long run with Kaitlin tomorrow AM – we are headed to the beach for some relaxation for a couple of days. I’ve got some fabulous guests lined up for you.. as well as a few posts of my own!!

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