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Workout Wednesday Quick Cardio Exercise Circuit

Posted Jun 08 2011 10:27pm

Hello everyone! What a day it’s been! I am looking forward to a good night’s sleep tonight because I’m still dragging a bit from staying out past 11. No, I’m not 80 years old, why do you ask?

I’m so glad that I fooled so many of you into thinking that I am a Fashionista with my awesome new dress. If I can fool you several more times then maybe I’ll add a fashion category to ‘Fitness Health and Food’. Just maybe…

It is Wednesday and you know what happens on Wednesdays – I design an awesome new workout for you! As I’ve been sharing a lot of strength training workouts lately, I put together a quick cardio circuit that will boost your fitness anytime, anywhere.

Quick Cardio Exercise Circuit Directions

  • Be sure to warm up prior to performing this workout in order to prevent injury and maximize results.
  • This workout includes two exercises that require one item that provides resistance i.e. a dumb bell, water bottle, or can.
  • Perform each exercise for 1 minute. Rest for 1 minute after each circuit.
  • Perform one, two, or three rounds of this circuit.
  • Feel free to modify the exercises as needed for your body.
  • If any move hurts, do not do it.
  • If you feel the need to take a break or stop, please do so. Your health and safety are most important.

Quick Cardio Circuit Exercises

#1 Surfer

(Lie on the ground, push up and jump to your feet with your right foot forward. Lie down again, push up and jump to your feet with your left foot forward. Repeat)

surfer 2 surfer 3

surfer 5 surfer 3

surfer 2 surfer 3

surfer 1

#2 Plank Row

(Feel free to do this exercise on your knees)

plank row plank row 2

plank row 3 plank row 4

plank row plank row 5

plank row 6

#3 Squat and Hoist

(Squat down then push up and hoist the weight to the left shoulder. Squat down again then push up and hoist the weight to your right shoulder. Repeat)

squat and hoist 1 squat and hoist 2 squat and hoist 6

squat and hoist 4 squat and hoist 5 squat and hoist 4

#4 Lunge and Jump Shot

(Alternate 10 reps on your left leg, then 10 on your right. Repeat.)

lunge jump lunge jump 2

lunge jump 5 lunge jump 4 lunge jump 5

lunge jump 2

#5 High Knees (while running in place)

running high knees 1 high knees running 2

#6 Sumo Burpees (with or without push ups)

sumo burpee sumo burpee 2 sumo burpee 3

sumo burpee 6 sumo burpee 3

sumo burpee 2 sumo burpee

I would love to hear from you…

Are you an old lady like me or do you love the night life?

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