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Workout Plan: Week of March 17, 2013 + My Twenties

Posted Mar 18 2013 10:10am

Welcome to the last Monday of my twenties – yes, I am playing “that game” as Andy so lovingly asked me when I made the same comment yesterday about Sunday. I’m not being immature or dramatic — at least, I don’t think I am — I just really am in shock that the last 10 years flew by so rapidly. The fun years, the years without much responsibility, the years between being a child and being a real grownup. It’s all grownup from here.

I’m turning 30, I’m getting married, I am taking care of a tiny living thing called Larry.

dori pretending to bite her dog larry

I may have a case of Peter Pan Syndrome. I just remember so badly wanting to turn 21. I remember on my 20th birthday feeling miserable that I still had to wait another year. I remember how happy I was to finally be 21. And then… everything just sped up.

I graduated college, I worked on a teen tour, I graduated grad school, I got a real job, I moved to Manhattan, I went to Israel and met Missy , I started taking spin classes, I got a new job, I learned about running, I started taking classes and fell in love with exercise, I ran my first half marathon on my 27th birthday, I started taking Refine Method classes and fell even more in love with exercise, I met my fiance, I got yet another job, I ran a marathon , I moved to Jersey City , I got engaged , I got a dog , I became a spin instructor .

And that is the short version. It’s been a good decade, and I can’t believe how much has changed and how different I’ve become. 10 years ago I had never even stepped foot in a gym. My coworkers on the teen tour I worked at when I was 22 discussed getting up early to run together in the mornings and I wouldn’t even participate in the conversation – why would I want to run? Why would I want to exercise?

Obviously things have changed. I can’t imagine my life without exercise and I don’t understand how people handle stress without the outlet working out gives. This blog played a huge role in getting me to this place — I’ve been writing it since November, 2007 — and I’m really grateful to all of you who’ve been along for the ride (like Catie who I finally met on Saturday, who’s read my blog for over 3 years!)

With that said, here’s my workout plan for the week of March 17, 2013:

  • Sunday – Refine Method (1 hr)
  • Monday – Teach spin (55 min)
  • Tuesday – RIP Ride at Revolve (1 hr)
  • Wednesday – Refine Method (1 hr)
  • Thursday – Refine Method (1 hr) **BIRTHDAY WORKOUT** I will be requesting hip lifts with a band, just like last year. And this year, Andy has to come too.
  • Friday – TBD – Short run, spin or rest
  • Saturday – Teach spin (50 min) and Refine Method (1 hr)

Here’s how last week went:

  • Sunday - Rest (When I saw how nice the weather was, I hoped to get a 3 mile run in before the sun went down but thanks to 45-minute Holland Tunnel gridlock in Manhattan I didn’t make it back home from Boston in time. I hate NYC.) – Complete!
  • Monday – Teach spin (55 min) and Body Ride at Revolve (45 min) – Complete!
  • Tuesday – Refine (1 hr) or run 4 miles (Depends on how late I get home from the Revolve class….) – Refine, Complete!
  • Wednesday - Refine (1 hr) – Complete!
  • Thursday – Refine (1 hr) - Complete!
  • Friday – TBD – Either Refine, Revolve or Run - Body Ride at Revolve (45 min), Complete!
  • Saturday – Teach spin (50 min) and Refine (1 hr) – Complete!

And for all of you who can’t wrap your head around the passage of time like me, I recommend the Timehop app. Every day I see photos and status updates I posted on the same day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, even 6 years ago. Like this one

Dori meets Chelsea Handler in 2007

Then I take screenshots and tweet them with a line about how young and fresh-faced I used to look. Because I was young. And fresh-faced. That is how time works, but I just can’t get myself to believe it.

Are you as astounded by the passing of time like I am? Do you get crazy nostalgic like this? Do you love the Timehop app?

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