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Workout Plan and Why I Workout

Posted Apr 16 2013 4:58pm

Hello! Sorry for the delay on this, it has been a busy couple of days. This was my workout plan for last week along with the results:

Monday: Practice teaching spin (30 minutes): I got off work late and just didn’t feel like going to the gym.
Tuesday: Spin at Suncycle Studios (55 minutes). Complete! I will post a review on this studio later.
Wednesday: Spin at Revolve in the morning (45 minutes) and teach intenSati at night (1 hour). I was feeling so sore from spin the night before so decided sleep was more important. I did teach a great class at night!
Thursday: Practice teaching spin and/or Refine Method. Refine Method–Complete!
Friday: Refine Method (1 hour)– Complete!
Saturday: Rest— Yes, rest!
Sunday: Spin at Revolve (60 minutes) I really did try to go to this. I decided to drive into the city because the subway sucks on the weekends but there was SO MUCH TRAFFIC. It took me an hour and a half so I totally missed the class. Fail.

Here is my plan for this week:

Monday: Refine Method (already complete, wahoo!)
Tuesday: Rest (ahem happy hour instead)
Wednesday: Teach intenSati
Thursday: Refine Method
Friday: Spin at Suncycle Studios
Saturday: Refine Method
Sunday: Rest

I am trying to take at least one or two rest days now that the Refine Method Resolution Challenge is over. I overdid it that last week with six classes and have been feeling pain in my shoulder and a part of my upper leg so rest is key! I will continue going to Refine at least three days a week because I love it so much and don’t want to lose all my hard-earned muscles!

In other news, I recently joined a Target influencer program and they will be providing me with different health topics to post on the blog. Today’s topic is about why I believe a healthy and active lifestyle is so important. Well, there are many reasons! Here are 5 reasons why I try to stay so active:

1. To feel good. I know when I miss the gym or don’t go for a week, I start to feel depressed and bad about myself. I feel tired, have no energy, and feel like I’m gaining weight (even if I’m not). I am in the best mood after a good Refine Method or intenSati class. It feels amazing to get sweaty and to feel sore for 3 days after a good class!

2. To get strong. I want muscles! Muscles are sexy. I love being able to do a real push up. That is all.

3. To stay healthy and fit later in life. If I am not active now, what will happen when I’m older? I might be fat. I might have health issues. I want to be fit enough to play sports with my kids. I want to be like my mother who was a body builder and now Zumba instructor!

4. To be social. I see most of my friends at fitness classes. I’ve met a ton of awesome people from blogging and gym classes. Having friends at the gym gets me there and makes it much more fun. Try it.

5. I like food. I generally eat healthy, but if I want to have a piece of chocolate or margarita, I will have it and not feel bad. I exercise almost every day so there is no reason to feel guilty about a cocktail. Also, I find that the more I workout, the more motivated I am to eat healthy. It is a win-win situation.

What inspires you to live an active and healthy lifestyle?

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