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Workout of the week:Exercise your sense of Humour!

Posted Aug 26 2010 12:00am
           " Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine."  
                                                               - Lord Byron
  Blogs are an artistic and creative way to be rid of the "I" Disease.I can give vent to my flights of fancy and obsessions without holding captive an hapless real life audience.So any forcible withdrawal from the blog hurts.But what to do when you get the  Eye disease.
My eyes have got some needles permanently lodged in them,they are swollen,red,grotesque and rife with acidic tears.Words swim before my watery eyes.
Guys, I have got conjunctivitis.But I must get out a short curative post.
It's about what to do when you can not exercise anything except your sense of humour :)).
You can compose silly ditties
If you must be ill get a Flamboyant disease.Something that puts the viewer ill at ease.
All sickness hurts but it will  pack more punch.If yours makes visitors want to skip lunch.
Better still if it necessitates quarantine.For you can get sympathy as well as rest without any visitors line.
You can meditate,laugh,do pranayam(which makes me laugh some more) and reflect on the brighter side of things.

I get time off from work(both in office and home).
I can weep and moan without making any effort.
I have multi-coloured mucous.
I get to sleep to my heart's content.
My eyes get a break-(is this my eyes way of obtaining much needed rest?)

So workout mantra for the week is that exercising the sense of humour does ease up stress of all kinds-bodily and mental.
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