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Workout Motivational Tips from Amanda of Eats, Love and Happiness.

Posted Apr 01 2011 3:00pm

I am so thankful to have Miss Amanda from Eats, Love and Happiness guest posting on my site! She is such an inspiration for workouts and staying motivated. Her status updates are a CONSTANT source of motivation and trust me, these last few weeks I’ve needed them! Thank you Amanda for guest posting while I’m honeymooning!

Hi readers! My name is Amanda and I blog at Eats , Love and Happiness . Eats, Love and Happiness is where I share my stories about healthy living, good food, working out, my puppy and coming soon…my own wedding planning! I’m learning that there’s a lot that goes into wedding planning while trying to keep your regular life in check.

So while Claire is off getting married, enjoying her honeymoon and rewarding herself for all of the hard work she’s put in over the past few months, I’m going to share with you a few tips that will help all of us stay motivated during the busiest of times of our lives.

Whenever I don’t feel like working out, one of my main excuses on that day will be that “I didn’t have time”. I always find myself battling morning workouts vs. evening workouts. I work a full-time job and I think most will agree, squeezing in a workout when you work full-time, have to prepare meals, keep your house clean, take care of a pet, (the list goes on…) is a little difficult. There is always a reason to workout though! And, like we always say, we never regret working out.

The perks to morning workouts:

●     You get it over with! The workout is done and you can move on with your day and not worry about it later.

●     It will wake you up. Working out is bound to get your juices flowing and get your energy level up for the day.

●     Sunrises. I love going for a morning walk just before the sun starts to rise and you get to see the sun come up. All sunrises are beautiful, aren’t they?

●     A big breakfast. It’s important to refuel after a hard workout and what a better meal to do that than breakfast?

●     Quiet gyms. I have a private gym in my condo building, so this might not be true for everyone, but mornings tend to be pretty slow on the cardio machines. I usually have the gym all to myself.

●     Your dog will thank you. If you have a pet, take him out for a run in the morning. Dogs are always yearning for fresh air, especially if they have to stay home alone all day while you work.

The perks of daytime workouts:

●     A break. We sit staring at computer screens for at least eight hours a day. Your eyes and the rest of your body need a break.

●     Logging miles. Even if you don’t have enough time to go for a jog and shower after a lunchtime break, just go for a walk instead. You can still count those steps/miles and add them to your daily total.

●     Fun desk accessories. Ask your boss if you could get a ergonomic/fitness chair for your office ( like this one ). With something like this, you can be working out all day long.

( Source )

The perks of nightime workouts:

●     Reruns. I love getting on the treadmill and catching up on old Friends episodes.

●     Motivational crowd. Although I do love my lonely morning workouts sometimes, I also like being around other people when I’m doing certain workouts, like treadmill runs. Running alongside someone is a lot more fun than logging miles all by yourself.

●     Wind down. I like working out at night because it helps me distress from the workday. I don’t like having to come up from a demanding workday and have to jump right into cleaning or making dinner.

●     You have all day to figure out what you’re going to go. And you have all day to tweet and chat with friends who will never let you get away with a lazy afternoon if you start to feel hesitant. I’ve met a great group of motivating Twitter friends via FitBlog Chats . Check it out!

A little disclaimer…I do believe in off days, too! If you’re simply not feeling well and you think your body needs a rest, then you should definitely rest. Our bodies need rest just as much as it needs exercise.

I hope these tips help you get motivated when you don’t feel like working out. I’d love to hear what you do to motivate yourself during certain times of the day.

I want to thank Claire for asking me to guest post today and I hope that you all take a few minutes to check out Eats , Love and Happiness . I know I might need the same support you gave Claire when I start planning my wedding! Congratulations Claire!

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