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Workout mash-up

Posted Jan 25 2011 8:20am

Yesterday we had a busy day in the kitchen, so our workout was pushed back into the late afternoon. Usually we both have a hard time staying motivated to workout later in the day, but we knew we would feel better if we did something :)

Twins Workout:

Another workout from bodyrock –3 parts, a mix of intervals and time challenge

Part 1: Set our Gymboss Interval Timer to 9 rounds of 10-30 intervals

Snow boarder

L – 24-24-24 / M – 24-23-24

One leg squat and side kick (left side – and we do a modify version of one leg squat using a chair)

L- 6-7-6 / M –7-7-7

One leg squash and side kick (right side)

L-6-7-6 / M-6-7-7

Part 2: Push-up side lunge combo challenge – 8 minutes

L –23 / M-22


Part 3: Set our Gymboss Interval Timer to 9 rounds of 10-30 intervals

Shelf butt exercise

L –18-18-19 / M-17-18-18

Half pistol and one leg pike press left and then right side.


Both got 4 reps for both legs for all 3 rounds.  These one leg exerises are tough, takes balance and lots of strength, something we are still building :)

Followed by 10 minutes of jump roping (we 10/50 intervals) and 25 V-ups for some more ab work.


Phew! We made it through our workout :)

Twins Question: What time of day do you prefer to workout? Do you have a fixed workout schedule? I know a lot of people’s work dictates when they get to workout. Are you more like us and workout when you can?

Till next time,


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