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workout clothes on the cheap.

Posted Aug 23 2010 7:06am

I’m not sure of your financial situation, but I’m your typical poor college student. When I’m looking at an awesome new sports bra and the price tag flips around to reveal itself, I literally cringe at the thought of throwing down the money. Think of the groceries I could get with that! All the goodies at TJ Maxx I could find! Do I really want to pay $30 for this?


Back to the rack it goes. I know it’s terrible, but I worked with mostly Kmart and Target brand sportswear for years. In fact, until pretty recently I was still running in cotton tees and soffee shorts. Yeah, it’s like that.

But when I signed up to run my upcoming half-marathon (September 4, guys, mark your calendars!), I decided I would suck it up and buy some legit running clothes. I went to Dick’s and looked around. Picked out the cutest UnderArmour bra and then just simply stared at it for a while. 35 bucks.


I couldn’t do it! I just couldn’t!! For $35, this bra had better make me run 5 minute miles! Once again, back to the rack. Now this is when I started getting thrifty. I was constantly on the hunt for cheap workout clothes at stores like TJ Maxx and Ross. They were never really big name items (ProSports? Marika? Um who?), but they got the job done.

Or at least I thought they did. However, Jennifer and Nichole pretty much implied I needed to get my head checked. After a conversation with the two at HLS over how awesome Nike sportswear was, I knew I needed to get some. But I still wasn’t paying full price.

Which is why I decided to journey to Mecca.


Otherwise known as the Nike Outlet.


I would have fallen to my knees in worship, but there was someone trying to get in behind me. That’s okay though because I was really excited to score some Nike finds on the cheap! I pranced to the closest rack and sifted through my section.

Whoa whoa whoa. I thought this was an outlet? These things were basically normal priced! $27.99 instead of $30? Is this some kind of joke? No one considers that a real deal, Nike. Just a heads up.

Disheartened, I wondered through the aisles looking at all the stuff I totally wasn’t going to pay for. That is, of course, until I stumbled upon the Clearance Rack. Now that’s what I’m talking about!! The smallest little section, far back in the corner of the store is where I would find my awesome Nike Gear.

Unfortunately, it must have been where everyone else scored their awesome Nike Gear too because most of the sizes left were XLs. Damn. However, I scoured through every rack and managed to find a SWEET pair of running Nike capris for $25! Just what I wanted!!


Sorry for the weird picture guys. Turns out Nike dressing rooms are not blogger friendly. I was stoked about the pants, but still no sports bra. The cheapest one I found was $24.99. I was starting to wonder if maybe it was just me. Was I some kind of sports bra Scrooge?

I was walking out of the outlet, seriously debating just spending the money, when I saw a store across the street. The KIDS Nike Outlet. ZING! And wouldn’t you know it, I found a rockin kids sports bra for $13! I don’t know if I should be stoked that I fit into a girls’ XL or worried that XL little girls are as big as me?

Thank you Nike Kids!

The moral of the story breaks down like this:

Find Workout Clothes on the Cheap

On a totally unrelated note, a Fro Yo place finally opened up in the Outlets!! Ahhh!!! I was so excited! I have been starving for some Fro Yo like you wouldn’t believe.






All in all – a day well spent.

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