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Working Out With Your Significant Other

Posted Nov 14 2012 8:54pm

I met Brian 7 years ago while I was in college.  Back then the only time we hung out was usually during a beer pong game.

Track jacket but this was def. still motion running…

After we graduated the parties continued but we started going snowboarding together and the more we pretended to get more into fitness the more our relationship grew.

Fake gymnast and fake muscles!

We actually did run, hike, and snowboard together but once we got married and had Cooper the more I exercised separate from Brian.  Recently, Brian has taken up running and I found thata fit romance could not only be great for your health but your relationship as well!

Brian and I at the Runner’s World Half Marathon and Festival

Working out with you partner:

  •  Is good for the longevity of your marriage (The longer you are alive the longer you are able to be married.  Duh!)
  •  Gives you something to talk about besides the mundane (work, cleaning, money, etc…)
  •  Let’s you set and work towards common goals.
  •  Helps you support one another on and become partners in something other than marriage and parenting
  • Helps you become focus and become a better listener (which helps everything)
  • Let’s you become each other’s cheerleaders!
  • Holds you accountable for your own workout goals (it is hard to quit on a friend!)

So grab your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend because fitness possibilities are endless.  Everyone can find something that they like to do together, whether it is running, crossfit, basketball, hiking, or skiing.  Find something that works for you and your relationship and enjoy it!  (And don’t get too competitive that’s not good for anyone!)  :)

Kids are also a great support crew! Don’t leave these guys out!

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