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Workin’ My Abs In My Livin’ Room

Posted Feb 06 2013 9:21am

This morning I actually rolled my ass out of bed and did a mini workout in my living room. Yes, in the morning .

The joy of doing something in my living room as opposed to going down to the gym is that I can literally roll out of bed and like, just do it. I dont have to go out to my car or anything (lazy).

Regardless, it still has to be pretty mellow for me to do it. I have come to the conclusion that if I avoid high intensity cardio first thing in the morning, it is probably best.

So I did this:


I also added 20 pushups and a minute long wall sit.

The only problem with this?

When I am on the floor doing…. say, crunches and planks; Kona gets all worked up and paws at me and stares at me and is all up in my biz-nass.


Oh, and dont forget about barking in my face.

Brown2 RUDE.

I dont know if she is jealous, mad, or as I assume – cheering me on.


  • Are you an “at home” workout type person? If so, where do you “get” your workout ideas from (particular websites/blogs, make them up yourself, magazines, etc)?
    I am not an at home workout person typically – I get way too distracted at home (or barked at nonstop) and prefer to workout elsewhere.
  • Random – but as far as workout clothes go; do you prefer bright colors, patterns, or are you a neutral color type person (black, white, grey, etc). Do you try to match your outfits?
    My workout outfits hardly ever match. Most of my pants are black with a color accent, and then I always wear random T-shirts that usually say or have stuff on them or are a solid color, sometimes bright colors.

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