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Work-outs in the morning

Posted Jan 01 2010 12:00am

Hello Friends,

Glad that everyone liked our fermented veggies video :) YAY for fermented veggies! It is just amazing again how simple they are to make and how good they are for you. Remember everyone can benefit from incorporating them into their diet ;)

Yesterday seriously flew by for us due to getting ready for our farmers market which we made lots of new raw crackers and breads for our customers to try :)

Here is a re-cap of some of our eats from yesterday

Our morning did not start with our typical green smoothieGASP! I know! Don’t worry we have our green smoothie later in the day ;)

Instead we made a coconut kefir green shake

Jan 2010 pics more 004*made with spirulina, coconut oil, lots of stevia and some maca

Jan 2010 pics more 039

About an hour later or so we got hungry for lunch – wilted arugula salad with avocado, apple cider vinegar, dulse flakes and topped with some of our new flavor of raw sauerkraut (napa cabbage with some carrots)

Jan 2010 pics more 049

Jan 2010 pics more 052

Devine! Seriously the best salad I have had in a long time in a few days :)

As we were  baking we nibbled on some of our gluten free vegan cupcakes! So good!

Another weird snack of ours was our homemade kombucha tea with one of raw mint brownie bites!

Jan 2010 pics more 056

And finally dinner was our green RED smoothie

Jan 2010 pics more 037 Filled with raspberries, bok choy, coconut oil, msm powder, stevia, lime!


The past two days we have been doing our new morning workout routine though we have added a few more things. We have been more hip opening yoga poses, jump training activities and lots of core work. And some light weight lifting (a few days a week)!

We are trying to do our workouts in the morning now before our day gets started. We used to do this during college and really liked it but these past few years our workout times have been random (due to opening up our bakery). Now we are realizing it is best for our schedule to get it done first thing in the morning because we know not everyday this is going to happen but we are going to try! :)

We feel our best when we workout in the morning because it really jump starts our metabolism for the day and helps keep us focused for the day ahead!

I hope to make this morning workout routine a daily ritual :)

AND Happy Yoga Day to you all!

Check out here for some great information about national yoga day!

And remember to check out Lauren’s great give-away here! I mean even vegans and raw foodies can enjoy an ice-cream maker to make some delicious vegan raw ice cream!

Till next time


The Twins


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