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work hard, play weird.

Posted Jul 31 2012 4:17pm

a lot of people have this pre-conceived notion that im spending most of my time on a beautiful beach with a mai tai and recovering hang overs with freshly hacked coconut water. don’t get me wrong I am fucking lucky to be living here, but what people don’t realize is that hawaii is just like life on the mainland, just with a much more beautiful backdrop.


lanikai is my frrravrite


there is still traffic, bills to pay, jobs to work, blue stop signs and street names I STILL have trouble pronouncing. ive had a lot of fun here, but sometimes I feel like im not even LIVING here. since ive landed, ive felt this clenching feeling. sometimes its stronger than other times but basically, it’s a protection mechanism. its hard for me to relax and go do the things that this island has to offer when you are constantly working and/or worrying about the future. because of this feeling, ive been very successful in my work but damnit . . . ive paid my dues enough to feel like I deserve to play a bit.

actually, I never needed to ‘pay dues’ in order to deserve to play . . . nobody does! just by being a human being in this world you .  . . yes YOU deserve to have fun and actually live life.

one of the biggest things I want to accomplish is being able to have a rich life outside my work. ive read enough blog posts and experienced enough situations to know that being able to let loose and not feel guilty is the key to a successful presence in this world.


so ima’ play!


yea, sounds wrong right? the girl starting her business in one of the most remote places of the world is going to make sure she has fun in the process. I want to BE the example of the life im going to help teach others how to live and that’s where it all starts. with me.

I officially have a little over 3 weeks until I start my new temporary position at a raw foods retreat home and in that time of course I will be working my ass off, but ill also be playing weird.


work hard, play weird.


that’s my motto from now on. I choose the word weird because I think it reflects the uniqueness in a person in a light hearted joking matter. to me it means, do the things that you truly enjoy without guilt. for instance, I love going to gay asian karaoke bars just as much as I love sitting at home with netflix and a 6 pack of sierra nevada.

so, this means you will not only get business updates, but also play updates too.


today I . . .

- slept in! yes, sleeping in means I got up close to 8am. im definitely a morning person but this felt pretty good.

- (will be) meeting a friend at the airport who is moving to the island. the catch? ive never met her before. what brought us together was . . . search engine optimization. a while back, I did a post about the things I miss from home . trader joe’s ranked up there with family. after I wrote the post I plugged in some keywords about hawaii not having a trader joes so that when people were wondering, they would hopefully hit my post. sure enough, she was trying to scope out the tjs situation out here and found that we both had the ‘moving to hawaii’ thing in common. we talked a lot through fb and text for a few months while I rambled about my dating life and job situation and also talked about the challenges faced with moving here. the long countdown ends today where ill be picking her up from the airport. oh, and she also shipped some sunbutter and trail mix that ive been craving, score!  little does she know shes getting leid the second she sees me. (that never gets old)

-(will be) possibly be having dinner cooked FOR ME for once by a special friend. so excited that I barely care if its edible! but, that’s mostly because ill be bringing back up beer . . . when in doubt, right?

- (will be) finishing $100 startup. my goal was to get it read by the end of july so that I can fully start my IE course certification in august. at this point, I only have an hour left before I have to shower so I doubt ill get it done but im not worried.

- – -

looks like today will be more play than work! . . .  s’alll good mang!

love and mahalos!

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