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Work, Eat, Repeat

Posted Mar 14 2011 3:13pm

[I would just like to prefix this post with a short note.  I am aware of the devastation that is currently afflicting Japan.  I have not mentioned it before because in all honesty there is absolutely nothing I can say that would even begin to address the situation or what I feel about it.  Needless to say my heart goes out to everyone involved.  In the grand scheme of things my posts are very trivial and I know it.  Please do not take my irreverence as a lack of respect for the people suffering because I can assure you this is not the case.] 

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Monday’s?  I dread the sound of the alarm clock going off in the morning rudely reminding me that it’s time to get back to the daily grind.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t I hate my job, it’s just that the repetition of it all gets a bit irritating.  Monday mornings are the start of that repetition and I am pretty much snarky all day.  I can’t help it; I just find it hard to be happy on Monday’s.  You may call me Garfield if you wish. garfield_mondays It helps to have the sun shining though.  And a comforting bowl of warm oats to start the day.  thursday 001 This was just oats plus soya milk with a heaped teaspoon of PB&Co Smooth Operator peanut butter.  I know it was only a few days ago that I said I don’t generally put peanut butter on my oats during the week but today I really fancied it. 

My morning snack was a departure from the usual banana.  I really need to get out of some food ruts, starting with my snacks. tn_monday 011 Fruit + fat!  What could be better?  Dates are my all time favourite dried fruit; they are just stupidly delicious.  Weirdly, I never used to like Babybel cheese but I bought these on Sunday (purely because they were on offer!) and I actually really like them. 

For lunch I took a departure from salad and instead had (the world’s largest?!) carrot and houmous sandwich.  It’s a combo I’ll never get tired of; it just works.  tn_monday 006 This was one stuffed sandwich!  I may not have had a salad but I did still have a hefty dose of vegetables.  Okay, I’m pretty sure the photo doesn’t do it justice but trust me when I say this sandwich was packed!

[Top tip: if you don’t want a soggy sandwich make sure you squeeze the moisture out of the carrot.  I do this by putting the grated carrot between some sheets of kitchen roll and then placing something heavy on top for a while.  Adding houmous to both pieces of bread will also create a barrier between the carrot and the bread to prevent it from going soggy.]

I also had a couple of squares of white chocolate for a sweet finish to my lunch. tn_monday 009 For my afternoon snack I stuck with something familiar. tn_monday 010 An Empire Apple.

To be honest, the food I packed today was not enough.  By the time I got home I was ravenous.  I absolutely hate being hungry so as soon as I walked through the door I scarfed down a packet of Nairns Oaty Bakes. tn_monday 012 And then proceeded to make the quickest thing I could think of for dinner – cous cous and leftover vegetables. tn_monday 013 It was just cous cous with a teaspoon of coconut butter stirred though then left to cool.  Kidney beans, sweetcorn and pineapple chunks were added to make a delicious tropical tasting salad.  It’ll do for me!

Now that Monday is over I can look forward to the rest of the week.  It’s a downhill run to the weekend from here, right?!

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