February 4, 2013 · 8:01 am

I have an exciting week ahead and a beautiful word that I just learned and am excited to share with you.


“Wanderlust” is such a specific kind of word, that when I googled the French translation on a whim I was expecting some long-winded phrase that kind of summed up the idea. “La bougeotte” (pronounced la booj-utt, with a soft “j”) is not only a beautiful word, but it has a fun nuance to its definition in French: according to my French professor, it implies a literal tingling of the feet, like an actual “itch” to travel and move.

I’m so excited to present la bougeotte as a kind of series over the next few months.

I’ve mentioned many times that one of my main goals while I am here (and in life, really) is to travel and experience as much culture as I can while I have this amazing opportunity. My Travel Bucket List really breaks this down, and I can’t wait to begin crossing things off. I have many ideas in the works, and this weekend, I’m officially getting started!

Friday I’ll be taking a day trip with a bunch of other students to an abbey outside the city, where we will be served a multi-course gourmet meal (of which they have a vegan option!).

Then this weekend I’m taking the train with a friend to another country entirely. Props to anyone who can guess where it is!

Have a beautiful week, lovelies.

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