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Wonder Drink? Wonderful

Posted Apr 06 2010 7:59pm
Another long busy day! I always feel like I have too much to say and too little time to say it. But I'm going to keep things short today because as much as I love blabbing on and on, I love reading about other people even more. And yesterday, as I zombied my way through my blog post, I realized that I was taking a lot longer than usual to sort out my thoughts. (Yes, I made up a word. Zombied. It's a new verb, meaning to be zombie-like. Make sense?) This is because I'm functioning on too little sleep, so really, this is the best I can do right now. And the best I can do should be enough for me.

Except I want more from myself! So tonight I'm going to quickly tell you about my first experience with kombucha, and about something else that is quite wonderful before I sign off to check out some blogs, do some work, and try to get some decent sleep.

I have heard a lot of different things about kombucha. Firstly, that it is the latest trend and I should get on the bandwagon. Second, that a lot of people hate it and think its icky. Third, that it's very good for you (and your gut).

I tried the Kombucha Wonder Drink brand in cherry cassis flavour and I actually really liked it. It is fizzy, so soda fans will appreciate the carbonation. It is kinda sour, tart, a tiny bit of sweet from the cherry juice and some added cane sugar.
I can definitely see why people think this tastes like vinegar. I don't find it unpalatable at all though. It's a really different and interesting food find...drink find...whatever. I recommend you give it a shot and see for yourself. I'm going to try the other flavours and do a comparison. The original one without the cherry flavour might be a little overpowering, but we shall see. Mostly, I'm a fan of the fermentation to help with tummy troubles and all the other health benefits associated with kombucha. Who doesn't love health benefits?
Speaking of wonderful things, someone on Twitter linked to this blog post by Seth Godin, an author. It's very short, but I thought the message was great. Basically, its about the little things that you do in life that make a difference. Sometimes we all try to be superheroes and do everything perfectly for ourselves, and for everyone else. BUT, no one can be like that all the time, and that is okay. It is okay to feel like you aren't constantly making a difference or staying at the top of your game, because the little things count for so much. If you can spend five minutes a day helping someone with a personal problem, fighting for a cause you believe in, or even just blogging about your life and sharing it with the world, then you are doing something great. You are doing something wonderful.

I wanted to talk about this because I know that some people never feel like they are "enough". Remember, you are better than enough, just by being you and doing the wonderful things you do.

Yesterday I talked about inspiring people...and tomorrow I am going to post a little somethin' my beautiful sister wrote to inspire you to trust yourself, to trust your body, and to enjoy life!

Have a wonderful night
xoxo Lauren
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