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Women Who Inspire: Michele Hernandez with Soaring Spirits

Posted Mar 05 2009 6:08am

Every week I will shine the light on the women out there who are shakin' it up, pursuing their dreams, changing the world and inspiring others!

In our darkest moments, it's a miracle to have women we can turn to that know first-hand the pain we're experiencing and more importantly, show us we will not only survive but thrive. Michele has created this circle for women after losing her husband to a bicycle accident when she was 35. With the intention of writing a book, she traveled the country interviewing other widowers seeking answers to how they functioned and survived after losing a spouse. She is now Founder of Soaring Spirits. Michele, thank you for being an inspiration!

{Tell me about your site}
My website is home of The Soaring Spirits Loss Foundation. Our purpose is to provide both on-line and in-person programs that support people grieving the loss of someone they love. Currently we are planning the first ever National Conference on event intended to inspire people who have lost a spouse to rediscover their own purpose by providing useful tools, reliable resources, and a hope filled atmosphere for everyone who attends. misty: This must be a huge gift and relief to widowers when they finally connect with a group of women who understand what they are going through.

{Ok...give us the scoop, what sites do you love?}
I do love my inspiration lounge, because it reminds me that dreaming and self care are two important parts of busy women's lives that are often overlooked. Another site I visit often is facebook! It is an easy way to check in with friends and family, I get the update on everyone in just a glimpse. misty: This is what I say to friends not on Facebook yet, "You're missing out on the party!" We do neglect ourselves and if I can help women take small steps towards taking care of themselves and feeling like they can accomplish anything then mission accomplished!

{What do you want to accomplish in 2009 that will get you all fire-y?}

2009 is the inaugural year for our annual National Conference on Widowhood. I want this event to fill people with hope, with clarity, with camaraderie, and with the knowledge that just one person can make a difference in the world. By bringing together both newer widows/widowers and others who have been on this journey a bit longer, we can create a support network that will fill a need for a national group for people who have lost their spouse. There are so many organizations doing great work in their communities, our goal is to bring them to one location and let the networking begin! misty: this will be one emotional day!! what a huge accomplishment!

{I would love to know your favorite section of My Inspiration Lounge!}

I love the quote from the Universe, sometimes I feel like those words were written just for me! misty: I can't start my day without my quote from the universe. His closings make me laugh out loud.

{Do you have a favorite song that gets you dancin’ and inspired?}
I find myself tapping my toes and allowing my mind to dream big when I hear Natasha Bedingfield's song Unwritten. This song speaks about our ability to create a life that we love, and reminds us that no matter what plot line we are dealt...the story of our lives remains ours to write. misty: I never heard this song before but just found a very cool acoustic version of it and love it! It will be great for Inspiration Monday! }

{Any favorite charities you want to share with us?}
My heart is really with the widows of our world. Having personally experienced the pain of losing a spouse I want to be an active support to women who feel their lives are over the day their husband dies. SSLF does good work for women all over the country, and for the many other people who are working through the tumultuous feelings associated with grief. I am humbled by this work every single day. For that reason I have to say that Soaring Spirits Loss Foundation is my favorite charity...I may be just a bit biased ;) misty: you have every right to pick your own charity as your favorite!!

If you would like to nominate someone you know who is shakin' it up, pursuing their dreams, changing the world and inspiring others -- please click here:)

Be inspired. Get informed. Embrace life.

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