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Women: Overcoming Your Alcohol Abuse, Dependence or Addiction

Posted Feb 13 2013 9:04am
Women Against Alcohol Abuse.

Women Against Alcohol Abuse. (Photo credit: Martin Barber)

As with everything, women face unique issues when it comes to alcohol abuse, dependence and addiction . What do women need to keep in mind to overcome these issues? Read on to find out.

Recognize the Issue
As with the well-known 12 step program , you first need to recognize and admit that you have a problem with drinking. This is a given for both sexes. Think of various situations and how they had a negative outcome due to alcohol; envision how they could have been if alcohol was not a part of the equation. If you are trying to help a family member or friend, then you need to have a conversation with the person to convince her to get health.

Thinking of Children
Let’s face it – you can’t discuss women’s issues without covering pregnancy . If you’re pregnant or plan to be someday, speak to your doctor about the damage that can be done to the fetus in the event that you choose to continue consuming alcohol. Individuals who are really addicted to the substance will likely have a tough time stopping, even if the event that they are pregnant. Picture your life after giving birth – and then imagine that of your unborn child.

Finding Support Systems
Whether you are going to enroll in an in-patient support group or attend regular meetings to help overcome your addiction, it’s extremely helpful to have other people assisting you in this journey. Not only can professionals employ methods to truly help you overcome the problem, but these groups will make you realize that you are not alone in the journey. Through sharing stories and experiences with others, you have the ability to look at yourself through another person’s eyes and really reflect on your own life. Find groups that are specifically aimed to women to suit your personal and emotional needs as a female.  Also remember that finding support can come in handy if you have children. You’ll at times need someone to watch your children while you tend to your personal needs, and having understanding loved ones around you to help out will provide countless dividends.

Anti-alcoholism comic book ad

Anti-alcoholism comic book ad (Photo credit: solviturambulando)

Empower Yourself
Once you have overcome your problems, you should be extremely proud of yourself. Many people are unable to take any of the aforementioned steps, and they wind up sinking into lower and lower states of alcohol abuse . Let your experience be a tool of empowerment. You could go to local schools to discuss your experience with alcohol abuse, the dangerous associated with drinking and how you overcame your problem. Speaking at such a grand scale is not for everyone, and you can certainly find other ways to be empowered. Consider speaking with a local support group for other individuals going through the same issues, or have open and honest conversations about the dangers of alcohol with your teenagers.

Alcohol abuse, dependence and addiction are absolutely challenging for anyone, but women do face specific issues that need to be addressed. Instead of letting the problem take control of you, take steps to control and overcome it.

Becka Rodriguez writes about motherhood, education and her career in counseling. Her most recent work highlights the  Best Psychology Degrees  in the US .
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