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Woman grumpy may cause by nutrition problems

Posted May 07 2013 2:05pm
  The woman should temperament gentle and considerate, but many women can not restrain their negative emotions, not only colleagues feel difficult to get along with, her lover and family know what to do. In fact, in addition to too much pressure, it may be out of the question because her diet.
  Most closely to the emotional relationship is probably the three types of nutrients: calcium and magnesium and other minerals,  cheap hermes outlet   B vitamins and carbohydrates.
  Calcium and bone, and nervous system function. Calcium deficiency, the nervous system in the over-excited state, it is difficult to achieve quiet, patient, tough state. cheap hermes shoes  The children stop crying lack of calcium calcium deficiency in adults also prone to impatience, irritation, a little nervous, emotional difficult to control. Calcium deficiency can also exacerbate insomnia troubles, poor sleep, do not expect a woman's mood can be filled with positive energy.
  Calcium needs vitamin D to help, so the lack of vitamin D can also affect mood. People know that the production of vitamin D is exposure to sunlight, and the most amazing is that the sun itself will be able to antidepressant. Hermes bracelet sale  In areas with little light rates of depression and suicide rate is also higher; regular activities in the sun, rarely suffer from depression, more cheerful mood.
  Magnesium is another to be able to help combat stress nutrients. Intake rich in magnesium people to resist stress liters of blood pressure effect, reducing the excessive secretion of stress hormones and some white-collar workers, they have been called "anti-stress nutrients. Sources of magnesium are dark green leafy vegetables, nuts, Cheap hermes belt  legumes and whole grains, and a few fruits, such as bananas.
  Other nutrients, B vitamins. A total of eight B vitamins, such as the energy metabolism of the nervous system is highly dependent on vitamin B1. People have long known that vitamin B1 deficiency, the body not only fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite, indigestion, depressed mood, unresponsive, feeling abnormal neurological symptoms. cheap hermes handbags outlet  Recent research demonstrates that the lack of vitamin B1 increasing elderly depression risk.
  Known human emotions and a variety of neurotransmitters, many of which changes come from amino acids, and vitamin B6 metabolism of amino acids necessary. Understandably, vitamin B6 deficiency symptoms is depression.
  Vitamin B12 is associated with the synthesis of the nerve sheath when it lacks occur decline in thinking ability,  cheap hermes watches   sensory disorders, mental confusion. Another B vitamin called niacin or nicotinic acid substances can cause serious lack of dementia and confusion. Folate deficiency, can also cause mood disorders similar to vitamin B12 deficiency, but will also cause neonatal neural tube defects.
  Hunger lose weight rarely eat starchy staples, very prone to bad temper, moodiness, memory loss, irritability, depression, insomnia. Because of the lack of supply of carbohydrate energy would deprive the favorite of the nervous system. Harsh dieting caused by nutrient supply levels dropped significantly, cheap hermes purses  will be a serious shortage of calcium and a variety of B vitamins, the function of the nervous system is even worse.
  Busy people tend to ignore nutritionally balanced diet, do not have time to buy fresh ingredients to cook three meals a day, but with the instant noodles, fast food, sweets, puffed food to act as three meals a day. This diet rich in sodium salts and sodium is to promote the elements of tension, emotional people more difficult to peace,  hermes kelly bags for sale   resist pressure ease the emotional needed calcium, magnesium and B vitamins are seriously lacking.
  Therefore, the more busy in the diet, the more care of yourself. Eat more fresh and natural foods,  birkin bag cheap   whole grains every half a catty, 1 kg of vegetables, half a catty of milk, twenty-two tofu, 1 kg of fruit, add some nuts, help women restore the gentle and patient temperament. Course, reduce competition mentality and material desires, more structured arrangements for day-to-day work and life, moderate fitness exercise is frequently exposed to the sun and nature, cheap hermes jewelry  learning interpersonal skills are combat stress, make women more emotionally healthier and more peaceful important measures.
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