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Wog 1

Posted Jul 10 2012 9:41am
So I did it! I got out there and exercised.

And boy did it feel good!

Yesterday, I said see-ya-later to sweets. Do I miss the yummy taste of an ice cream or a chocolate bar? Sure! But I know that sweets are one of the reasons why I have the excess weight. No I don't have much but I noticed in the mirror lately that my skin is not as firm as it could it.

This last statement is going to be my goal. When starting on a new weight loss plan, it is important to set a goal with a realistic timeframe. I realized, from past experience, that the scale is not my best friend when it comes to working out and staying motivated. It has the opposite effect on me. I remember feeling great and thinking I looked great and getting my bubble popped when I got to the gym. The scale had not moved, not one little pound! So why demotivate myself when I don't have to.

General Goal : Have a visibly firmer body by January.

Main Goal : Have visibly firmer legs by September.

I completed Week 1 Day 1 of the Couch-to-5k program last night. How did I do? Great!

I had forgotten that the first week started off with some jogging. I thought I was out for a fast paced stroll. Nuh huh! I did wog for 1.63miles (that's 3km) at an average pace of 14:48/mile.

I felt the burn in the back of my legs. A while ago I bought Reebok RunTone running shoes and yesterday was the first time that I ran in them. I had worn them to walk around before though so they didn't hurt my feet. I really felt a difference compared to regular running shoes!

My post workout snack consisted of a probiotic blueberry yogurt and some fresh blueberries. With a tall glass of water of course ;-)

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