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Winter Blog Makeover

Posted Nov 04 2011 2:52pm

Hello Lovelies!

I decided to give my blog a little makeover today for a couple of reasons:

1) To reflect the seasons changing

2) To reflect my own blogging style.

Nothing else is changing around here, but I decided to make a header that was more reflective of my personality. My blog isn’t strictly about healthy living and posting life-changing recipes. I still post recipes, but I was very eager when I first started blogging to come up with something new all the time. Too much taste testing is not that cool when I’m actually trying to maintain a healthy weight (and lose some, to be completely honest).

I like to post about all kinds of different topics! I like to talk about hair products , technology , video games, new products I’m excited about, and a bunch of other topics that aren’t necessarily related to healthy living. I don’t have a blogging niche, because I don’t even have a “real life” niche. I change my mind about things all the time, I get in food ruts, I discover new things that I love all the time. I have a job as a writer, and that job takes me to many different places and no two stories are the same. I love writing about a variety of topics, and I have been lately on my blog if you’ve noticed. There will still be a blob of almond butter here and there, but I think (stupidly) that I was eating so much almond butter and oatmeal to “keep up with the blogging Joneses”.

Which brings me to my next point. . .

I don’t really think it’s considered “healthy living” when you’re borderline obsessive about how healthy you eat and showcasing how healthy you eat.

I think having a balanced set of topics and generating discussion about things other than food is way more fun. I’m not a runner , nor am I (normally) a competent chef in the kitchen, so I won’t have very much merit to give advice on really anything. Perhaps yoga, but I don’t exactly know how I’d do that. I love cooking simple, healthy meals and I love sharing them with you.

I truly and genuinely love talking to all of you! I have so much gratitude to express to all of you who read my blog and those who comment on my blog. I love asking you questions and hearing your thoughts!

So, please, let me know what you (honestly) think of the makeover and I just want to let you know that I love y’all :D

…. And check out my awesome soup picture:  I really want to post this recipe, but it’s my dad’s, not mine. So I will have to hound him to write down this recipe for me because it’s some pretty kickass soup.

Happy Friday!

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