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Windermere 5k

Posted Apr 15 2013 9:21am
I scored a new official PR at the Windermere 5k on Saturday!
But first things first…Happy Boston Marathon Monday friends! I’m not going to lie, I spent the first 60 minutes of my work day checking out the BAA site and setting up my runner tracking alerts.  I can’t wait to virtually watch Track Shack ’s Jon Hughes boogey down the course.

Qualifying for Boston will probably never be in the cards for me, but it’s still fun to watch the speedy runners give their all on the grueling course.

Speaking of grueling courses….

As I mentioned on Friday, I have run 2 5k’s in my entire running career.  They were RunDisney’s now extinct ESPN the Weekend 5k and the 2012 Mickey’s Jingle Jungle 5k . Mickey’s Jingle Jungle was an untimed “fun run”, so I was holding onto a PR of 26:32.  When I saw there was a 5k close to my home on a weekend I didn’t have to work, I jumped on it and set my mind to PR mode.  Only I didn’t stop to notice the part of the website that said “unpaved sand roads”. Live and learn friends. I knew it would be tough, but my goal to PR never changed and I wanted to beat Kyle’s 5k PR of 25:32.

I arrived to the race about 50 minutes early on Saturday morning, parked, and picked up my bib with no problem. The race was located in the cute city of Windermere in Florida, which is surrounded by lakes and the location of the infamous Tiger Woods golf-club-to-the-Escalade incident.
After I picked up my packet I used the bathroom (no line!) and set out for my easy 2 mile warm up jog.  Thank to Coach Krystal for the race advice.

I had heard that the start was narrow and crowded so I got into the corral about 7:50 and started about 10 feet back from the front.
I took off and took the first mile about 10 seconds faster than I wanted around 8:04. I kept trying to settle into my stride, my breathing, and just run but I couldn't.  The course wasn't joking around about being unpaved.  The entire race was on loose sand! 
The course!
I kept my focus through mile 1 and tried to run the tangents.  There were several “Florida hills” which I weren't prepared for either.  Mile 2 was about 8:22.

The mindset of the 5k is so different from that of a half marathon.   In a half I can settle into a pace and mentally push myself along the way.  In this 5k I was just pushing from start to finish.  There were no easy miles.

By mile 2.4 I was ready for it to be over and my quads were burning from trying to find a foothold in the sand.  I didn’t know if I could beat Kyle’s time and I didn’t really care. I stopped looking at my Garmin and just gave whatever I had.  The last .1 miles were finally on pavement and I kicked it into the finish.
Official results : 25:30, an average pace of 8:13, 4th in the 20-29 age group, 15th overall, AND 2 seconds faster than Kyle!
My post race treat
Overall I would say it was a good race to run.  Tough course, but well organized.  I also liked that we were given women's sized tech shirts.  They also had free Chic-Fil-A biscuits at the finish...which I didn't have.  It's only a 5k after all..let's not go crazy!
Am I happy with my race results?  I’m satisfied.  I know the course was tough and the sand was something that I had not trained for.  I know I have a faster 5k in me on a paved course, but I don’t think it will happen this season.  I have my final half marathon on Saturday and then I promised my body a break.  After 4 half marathons and 2 (hopefully 3) sub 2 finishes I think it deserves it!
Thank you to everyone who tweeted and wished me well this weekend.  It meant a lot.

What’s your favorite distance to race and why?
Who are you cheering on today in Boston?

Love and slippery feet,
Carissa & Kyle
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