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Will The Flat Belly Diet Really Flatten Bellies?

Posted May 20 2010 3:23am

Dieting is perhaps now more popular than the Beatles. Fad diets are everywhere, like the Atkins Diet, the South Beach Diet, the We Can't Believe You Fell For This Marketing Ploy and Bought This Stuff Diet, and now the Flat Belly Diet. A Northwest Passage of dieting has been sought after for years, and Flat Belly Diet isn't one either. That said, it uses some real common sense. You won't have to get short term loans for shipments of frozen meals, either.

Flat Belly Diet uses Mediterranean Diet

Because doctors are experts on the human body, to doctors you need to go to consult about dieting and weight loss, and WebMD has reviewed the Flat Belly Diet. The claim is that the Flat Belly Diet will burn 15 pounds in 32 days. The first part consists of a four-day 1,200 to 1,400 calories per day initiation period, wherein dieters ingest foods targeted to reduce bloating and mentally adjust to eating healthier. During these four days, you're encouraged to drink 2 liters a day of Sassy Water.

Monounsaturated fats: the linchpin

As fate would have it, Cynthia Sass, inventor of Sassy Water, is a co-author of the Flat Belly Diet book, along with Liz Vaccariello. The key to the 1,600 calories a day Flat Belly Diet is a compound called Monounsaturated Fat. Also called MUFAs, they're known to cut back bad cholesterol and boost the good kind.

There is healthy good stuff in it

There's an eating plan and a cookbook. You eat four portion-controlled, small meals per day, each of which involves a MUFA ingredient. You keep to healthier meal choices, like a lot more vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Exercise is encouraged to go with it.

What the doctors said

The WebMD review was mixed. They had some reservations about the Flat Belly Diet, however they did praise some features. The weight lost will most likely be water weight, as a person would have to burn 1,600 calories a day or more to lose 15 true fat pounds in 32 days. They affirm that good weight loss, about a pound or two a week, is slow and steady and reminded individuals to remember SED – Strength training, Exercise, and proper Diet. There may be no Northwest Passage to weight loss.


WebMD Fat

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