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Will All The Average Girls Please Stand Up?

Posted Feb 06 2010 8:39am

Would you recognize an average girl if she walked right past you? What kind of question is thatyou may ask. But in this generationa person’s view of an average girl can be completely different from that of the next. God created everyone in this world to be unique. No matter if we have a twinwe are still our own person. Thereforewe all have our own opinions on what we likewhat we don’t likewho we think is prettyand who we don’t think is pretty. But with the rising mediait becomes harder for one to completely think on their ownand instead go along with what the public thinks. One huge thing the media corrupts is a person’s perception of Body Image. This is something that has become completely transformed in the past decadeand seems to only be getting worse. While girls and women used to celebrate their individuality of their looks and bodiesthey now feel the intense pressure to look like a certain “type.” You know the type: skinnytonedlean legsbeautiful hairglowing skinand perfectly proportioned. Maybe this is what you pictured in your head as the ideal type:

Herein all her glorywe have Alessandra Ambrosioa Victoria’s Secret model. Now waityou saythe media doesn’t say you have to look like a model in order to be considered pretty. These women are paid to workout and eat right in order to look like that. True. But why do more and more girls feel the pressure to look like a model? That brings me to my next question: What is the definition of an average body type? As young girls have more and more images pushed in their face on what “beautiful” looks likethere definition of average has completely changed. Take Hilary Duff for instance. She captured people’s attention while being the star of “Lizzie McGuire” and young girls wanted to be just like her. But as Hilary got oldereven she herself felt the pressure from Hollywood to change. While young girls saw Hilary as being a beautiful blonde and wearing cute clothesthe media instead put the pressure on her because she wasn’t a size 0.  Instead of being above average her “normal size” deemed her merely average. And being average looking caused her to believe that she needed to lose weight in order to reach that ideal status. Let’s look at how Hilary’s weight changed from 2004-2008:

In an interviewHilary claimed that reading articles poking fun at her “chunky” weightcaused her to want to lose weight. She became so concerned with being thin that she became obsessive over everything she ate. Her sister Haylie finally intervened. She said”Why are you being so strict with yourself?”It was like an awakening,” says Duffwho eased up on her rigorous program. It’s amazing to see that even beautiful Hollywood actors feel the need to “upgrade” themselves. Hilary has since regained weight and says she is happy in her own skinno matter what the media says about her. Here is a more recent shot of Hilary:

She looks beautiful! While there is no possible way to stop the media from promoting a certain body typeif you have ever struggled with feeling that your looks don’t measure up to that of Alessandra the modelor you’ve been told your arms are too bigor your legs aren’t quite skinny enoughif you are first and foremost healthyremember this one thing:

You are made in God’s image.

Genesis 1:27 says: “God created man in his own imagein the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”

We know that our heavenly father is perfect and sinlessand he chose to create us in his own image! When it comes to our physical bodieswhat is most important to God is that we take care of them so that we can use them for his service. When we realize that losing some weight will be beneficial to our healthwe tend to get caught up mostly in the benefits it gives to our looks. If you are trying to lose weightalways remember that your best healthy body might be different from someone else’s. Not everyone was born to be a modeland not everyone was born to be a size 0so the next time the media asks “Will All The Average Girls Please Stand Up?” and they make you feel like you’re in that categorystand strong because if being at your healthy weight is only average to the mediayou should be more than happy with that because you are made in my God’s own imageand there is nothing average about that!

Do you think the media has a negative effect on girl’s view of an ideal body?

Is it right or wrong for someone to try to get their body to look like a model?

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