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Wii Fit Has Arrived!

Posted Oct 07 2008 7:19pm 1 Comment

The Wii Fit is a big hit. People are excited about the Wii Fit.  We now have a fun exercise program that everyone can enjoy.  The whole family can now exercise together.  The person who dislikes going to a health club, can now stay home and workout.  The Wii can have a great impact on our health. 
Wii fit can measure your BMR and keep track of your body weight.  You can also take a basic balance test, which is a great idea, especially if you are not active.  All baby boomer's should purchase Wii fit just for the balance test and exercise.  Did you know Medicare spends about $19.3 millions a year due to falls.  This figure does not include the baby boomer's, the first wave of the BBs will be in the year 2011. Now is the time for the BBs to start being proactive concerning their health.
The Wii Fit also provides a personal trainer, to keep you motivated. The trainer will alert the person if they are performing the exercise incorrectly.  The trainer will explain the correct movement.
The Wii Fit provides programs for Yoga Poses, Muscle workouts and Aerobic Exercise.  You can play soccer, box, ski, snowboarding, hula-hoop, jog, high wire cross and ski jumping, to name a few.
You will earn Fit Cash during a workout which is held in a piggy.  Fit Cash is based on minutes, once you earn 100% you will unlock a more rigorous version of that activity.  As for the games it based upon certain of times you play a game.
This system can only help our society. Now we have a video game which will make an improvement towards our health.  This can be a start to decreasing our obesity rate in the country.  Its up to the individual  to take responsibility for their own health. Big business started  the opportunity to help society and yes they will profit.  At least the profits will be for a positive cause. I will be purchasing a Wii in the near future.   

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Thank you for sharing this review. You need to be motivated enough to burn calories. It's not so easy. I follow a DAILY routine and it works. Wii Fit keeps my body healthy. 

Carolina (Domo-Sudoku)

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