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WIAW: Vegan – Blah Blah, Blah Blah

Posted Oct 03 2012 1:48am


Gonna keep this quick. Racing the clock. Told myself I was going to stop living off a second wind and actually get some sleep. This going to bed at midnight and getting up at the crack of dawn is doing to no good for my soul. But hey! The Vegan Eats are great. And accomplishing this while going out to the movies… awesome! Snuck me in a little somethin’-somthin’ healthy.

Crack of dawn I heated left over Vegan breakfast burrito fillings and served it up with Corn Tortillas (I verified. They were vegan, too). And later in the morning, I virtually shared my coffee with you all on Facebook . It was a double tall soy mocha. Not sure the chocolate was vegan. But we can pretend that much.

I was determined to conquer my 10K Runner app – Week4, Day 1. I was actually a little excited about setting out to do it. And I did just that. But it was tough! A few times I almost slowed down to a walk before I was supposed to. But I just notched the speed down a tiny bit and stuck with it. Continued running as told.

Worked my abs the night before (in my ‘jamas – #NoExcuses). Man, did I feel them today while running! 35 minutes down on the clock. Excited about my accomplishment, but oh so nervous for Week 4, Day 2 run.

And when I was done – I was ravenous! But I stuck strong to my inner VeganMofo by enjoying a veggie patty crumbled on top of a large salad (tossed out the bun), served with an apple and some kettle chips. YUM!

To understand the title of this post – you need to see the movie.

It is the cutest freaking movie ever! Adam Sandler does a great job as Dad.
And my daughter and I had Subway for dinner. I know its a dark picture. And I don’t condone sneaking food into the theaters. I am only accounting for my own actions. But I snuck me in a Veggie Delight Salad topped with oil, vinegar, salt and pepper.

Because we all know the theater options fail at healthy – pretzels, nachos, hot dogs, bloated, cranky, fattening, so not good for you, not vegan and mayyyyybbbbbeeeee some Welch’s fruit snacks. But I think those only come with the kid’s pack.

Hotel Transylvania – Cutest movie. Go see it!


vitamix dessert

I broke in the Vitamix tonight! And disguised it as a Yonanas machine for the night.

  • Frozen banana
  • Frozen mixed berries
  • Big spoon chocolate PB
  • tiny splash of OJ
  • Mix, tamper, serve, top with date bits. Enjoy!


And I was surprised at how quiet it is! I was expecting it to be noisy. I am telling you – gonna start drinking my meals!

What’s your workout plan for today?

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