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WIAW: the “no sweets” challenge

Posted Jan 15 2013 11:00pm

Although it’s WIAW I would like to do things a bit differently today. The pictures you see in this post are some of the things I ate this weekend. But I’d like to focus on giving you an update on my “no sweets” challenge. I’ll fill you in if you don’t know about it yet.

My Weekday Breakfast: Super Yummy Overnight Muesli

Our holidays were very food-filled. We had so many delicious meals, the most wonderful and rich desserts and some drinks too and my brother and I simply felt it was time to reduce our sugar consumption a bit. My sister and mom quickly hopped on board and we’re challenging each other to resist desserts, chocolate, etc. for a month.

I grew up in a house where food was  abundant and sweets and treats were always around. Whenever we got the munchies we could count on a cake or fabulous dessert to be waiting in the kitchen…life was good! Somewhere along the way however I became anorexic . I won’t go into details here but during that time I followed a strict diet and sweets just didn’t find their way into my meals. Fortunately that dull stage of my life has passed and I am now able to enjoy food of all kinds more than I ever have. When people ask me if I feel 100% healthy I instantly say yes because my eating disorder seems decades away and I feel like a new and improved person. But as any person who has ever had an eating disorder will tell you it is always possible to slip back into the old routine of depriving yourself of food.

Saturday’s Lunch: Mixed leaf salad with cherry tomatoes, toasted pine nuts and parmesan

When my brother and I declared to start this challenge I did initially ponder whether it would be a good idea. Not allowing myself sweets and desserts is basically a deprivation and I wouldn’t want to risk my health and happiness just to prove that I have more willpower to resist sugar than my brother. But now, 9 days into this challenge I am happy that I’m doing what I ‘m doing. Even though I’m not eating sweets I never feel  deprived and have been eating the best food ever. This challenge is not about losing weight and that just proves once again that I am healthy! So often during recent months I’ve nibbled my way through the afternoon at work indulging in chocolate, truffles and cookies and  those are not the foods I want to fill my body with. I come home feeling sluggish and tired and often don’t feel hungry enough to cook a proper meal so I just have a lame old salad or a sad looking sandwich.

Sunday’s Lunch: Panzanella

Now, I am so much more creative with my weeknight cooking and brainstorm all week long about the fabulous dishes I could make. Every night I sit in front of a plate of food prepared with love and I take so much more time to eat it instead of just scarfing it down while thinking about dessert.

Rustic rosemary potatoes

When I read Kathryn’s post on enjoying every meal it was clear to me that for the first time in a very long time I’m doing just that. I re-read this paragraph several times because it was so fitting.

What I want to do this year, apart from eat a lot of delicious pizza obviously, is to change my attitude. To stop giving food any power over me and to be accountable for my own decisions. You only get a finite number of meals in your life; I don’t want to waste any of mine.

Food has had too much power over my life and with this challenge I want to prove that I have the control of my meal choices. Instead of stuffing my mouth with chocolate and cookies I want to focus on eating real food. That does not mean that I won’t be eating desserts ever again. Trust me, no amount of willpower will make that happen.  I choose to eat and make lots of cakes and desserts but I’ll focus on good ingredients and won’t indulge in processed junk that’s not worth it…even when I’m really hungry. I’ll try to be more cautious of what I eat and will lovingly prepare each and every meal and subsequently enjoy every bite…even the crumbs.

Sunday’s Dinner: Bolognese-Stuffed Lumaconi

I would be lying if I told you that I wasn’t looking forward to my “cheat days”,  but those days I definitely won’t be spending scarfing down bars of chocolate and treats that aren’t worth it.

Thank you to Jenn from Peas and Crayons for hosting yet another party! Wednesday’s simply wouldn’t be the same without it!

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