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WIAW - Race Day v.2

Posted Mar 07 2012 9:22am
Welcome back to What I Ate Wednesday, our weekly blogger food round up hosted by Jen at Peas & Crayons! psst- yes, I know it's confusing that there are 2 of the same blog ate my comment widget so this one is comment friendly! :)

Since I'm still riding the high of the  Gasparilla Half Marathon  I thought I'd share my 24 hour race day eats...including my new secret race weapon!
Pre-Race Dinner
Since the race was in Tampa, Kyle's friend Denny agreed to host us and let us crash at his house.  Denny is a killer personal trainer too and he would like to claim ownership of "portions of the inspiration" for the  100, 75, 50, 25 workout .  Feel better Denny?

We headed to Wiregrass Mall and a place called GrillSmith for dinner.  I figured I could get something healthy and basic here.We started with a 1/2 price Margherita flat bread.  Yummy! Can you mess one of these up? Next I had a Napa salad with gorgonzola, craisins, and balsamic dressing.  I always enjoy the salad course. My dinner was fair. It was supposed to be chicken marsala, but I didn't get a single mushroom.  I did however get a chicken breast shaped like Africa.  Was the restaurant telling me to run like a Kenyan? Nighttime SnackMy new race secret weapon: CHCOCLATE COVERED PRETZELS! I had them before my last  10 miler  and I went fast.  Why mess with a good tasty thing?
Pre-Race Meal
It was typical.  Toasted whole-wheat bagel with peanut butter and an orange FRS. I tried to limit my pre-race liquid intake..but apparently that didn't work. Here's a  link  to my nutrition student's take on pre-race eats.  Check it out.

I wasn' too impressed with their post race spread.  I had 1/2 a banana and a few bites of a dry bagel.  I had stashed a Mix1 protein drink in the car and was happy to have that.

Post - Race Meal
Carb fest time! I run so I can eat...right?  
For some reason I always want Cracker Barrel after I run? I think I just want biscuits. Nom. Nom.
I ordered 2 eggs, turkey sausage, biscuits, and hashbrown casserole.  It was all enjoyed with a big glass of grapefruit juice.
I felt 110% better than after the Clearwater half.  I wasn't famished all day but I did allow myself some additional treats...aka wine, chocolate, popcorn!
This week my mileage is down and so are my treats! Welcome back  clean, unprocessed eating !

What is your go-to post race meal?

Next week I'd love to feature readers on my WIAW. Who wants to share their eats? Email us -

Love and flaky pastries,
Carissa & Kyle

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