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WIAW New York Style

Posted Aug 31 2011 6:51am
Hey hey chickpeas!

I hope you’re all having fabulous weeks so far. As for me, well I’m not really. I don’t think I’ve ever been in so much pain in all my life with my stomach issues. I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow to have some more tests so I hope something can be worked out as to why I’m in so much pain. But anyway, onto more fun happy stuff! It is What I Ate Wednesday and I thought that since I have not shown you what I ate and where in NYC, I would take the opportunity to reminisce in the amazing eats I had there. I am already so looking forward to going back sometime soon and trying more because that city has some majorly yummy food!

Oh and I’ll show you a little of what I did too soo it’s more like a What I Ate and Did Wednesday! :)

When we first got to NYC we headed to our hotel from the airport in a stretch limo my Dad had booked (fancy I know :P ). However, as we were driving only 5 miles away from the airport down the NJ Turnpike, we got a punctured tyre!! So we had to pull over and wait for a man to come out and replace the tyre. We ended up sitting there for 45 minutes gah! I was not happy because my stomach was already killing me from the long flight so me and my Dad walked up and down the side of the road for a while talking. When we got back in the car, suddenly it started rocking. At first we all thought it was the driver because he dancing a little to the music but surely to rock the whole car so much?! It turns out it was an earthquake!! We finally got to our hotel which was beautiful and my room (all to myself) was a good size and I could even swap beds depending on how I felt haha: After quickly refreshing ourselves, we headed straight to Wholefoods and Trader Joes to gather up some goodies to take back home. After spending a couple of hours gathering goods, we headed back to the hotel. I went in the gym at the hotel for half an hour and then got ready to go out for dinner. Before we’d gone to NYC, I had been given the task of finding places that suited both vegans and non-vegans as my family are huge meat-eaters whereas obviously I am vegan. It was tricky finding them out because I was dying to go to all the famous vegan restaurants but in such an amazing city like NYC, it is possible! We ended up going to Pala Pizza  which does vegan and non-vegan foods including the appetizers, salads, pizzas and pasta.

To start with I chose the ‘Zucca Antipasto’ which was butternut squash (see I can even get my daily dose of squash even when I’m away! :P ), onions, green peas, raisins and basil. This was the best starter I have ever had. I could have eaten like 10 bowls of this, seriously. I was only expecting to have a nibble of both of my courses because of my stomach problems but this was gone in seconds because it tasted so damn amazing.Next up I ordered a simple ‘Arrabiata’ pizza although I did want a more exciting one with other vegan toppings but I really wasn’t expecting to eat that much because I was in so much pain. I also ordered it with a special gluten free crust which they can do (they even make it in a separate oven) simply because I wanted to give something different a try!

They said the pizzas are normally for two people but oh. my. goodness. this was just out of this world and before I knew it, I’d worked my way through most of the pizza, down to the last two slices and my Dad actually told me to stop because he knew it wouldn’t be good for my stomach! I have never heard my Dad tell me to stop eating before so this was so weird haha! My tastebuds just took over the stomach pain for a while because it was just so so yum. The crust was perfect, nice and thin but chewy and soft and a really nice taste and the toppings were so fresh. Soon after this though, I was in a lot of pain and had to go to the chemist but the pain was so worth it! I definitely recommend this restaurant!The next day I woke up and headed to the gym for an hour, soon followed up by breakfast which was the biggest bowl of cereal I’ve ever had in my life. No wonder so many American’s are overweight, it was a bowl for 4 people!! I made my way through 3/4 of it though hehe :)

We then headed out to hit the shops!

After a bit of a stroll around Soho, we suddenly found that we needed to get lunch really quickly because we had a helicopter flight booked in 40 minutes. We ended up diving into the nearest place which was a local pub and unfortunately didn’t do anything remotely vegan so whilst my family ate, I hopped across the road to a shop selling fresh fruit and got myself a banana, a bowl of canteloupe and inside the shop they had loads of yummy bars to chose from! This is why I love NYC so much! It’s just so easy to find something nearby! I chose a Cookies ‘n Cream Luna Bar to go with my fruit to keep me going whilst we went on our flight. Yum! The helicopter flight was so much fun!! It was a half an hour tour of the whole of the city and it was such a great way to see it all. And we went right over the statue too yay!After our flight, we headed back to do some more shopping and we ended up going to PB & Co Cafe before heading back to the hotel to stock up on my fave peanut butter and for a quick drink. I so wish we could have been here for lunch!! When we got back I snacked on some of my Wholefoods goodies to tide me over until dinner. We then headed out to Josie’s West. I had been really excited to go here after hearing some bloggers rave about it. Everything they served was organic and fresh and again, suited both me as a vegan and my family as non-vegans. To start with I had two slices of 7 grain bread with this totally yum pumpkin spread! Ahhh I was in heaven!! My Dad got the butternut squash soup topped with pumpkin seed basil pesto. He wanted me to show you all that he does try to eat ‘Nicky’ food sometimes…he hated it haha!! For my main course I got the ‘Veggie Plate Deluxe’ which was grilled vegetables, roasted beets, brown rice and wok-sauteed greens stuffed in the most delicious roasted squash I have ever had in my entire life (see I got my squash again! :P ). I don’t know what type of squash it was but ah man. Words cannot describe. It was also the first time that I ate the skin on a squash and it was really good!! Squash lovers – get to Josie’s!!After dinner we went to the Theatre on Broadway to see ‘Catch me if You Can’.

It was really funny and not a typical ‘cheesy’ kinda musical which I tend to hate.
After a few drinks we headed back and I snacked on some of my cookies and PB Puffins before bed because I need to end on something sweet! :) The next day I woke up and the gym again and headed down to breakfast. I took with me a Luna bar because I wasn’t fancying the giant cereal bowl and ordered a giant bowl of fresh fruit and a banana instead to go with my bar.Then we hit 5th Avenue big style! It was my mum’s birthday so we’d said it would be the big shopping day for her to buy lots of nice things. I bought quite a few things including perfume, a bag and clothes from Forever 21.

For lunch we went to a nice place called  ‘wichcraft  where I got a lovely chickpea salad with roasted peppers and olives and spinach. We then went back to hitting some more shops on some other streets and headed back to the hotel pooped! We’d done quite a bit of walking so it was nice to relax for a bit and get a shower.

In the evening my mum had chosen to go to Planet Hollywood for her birthday because it is famous in NYC but obviously they don’t do anything even remotely vegan. So whilst they headed there, I went to my own place nearby and was planning to walk to Planet Hollywood after I’d eaten to meet them there. I had researched places I could eat that would be nearby and found Zen Palate . On the website it looked really nice and quite fancy with loads of vegan options so I was so so excited to go to my own place! However, when I got there, it didn’t look all that fancy and it turned out to be more like a vegan Chinese fast food restaurant. However, I made do as it was the only place I could eat really without me going on walkies to find other places.

I got a dish that consisted of shredded seitan, beansprouts, peppers, zucchini, topped with pine nuts served with red and wild rice and two vegan spring rolls. It was okay, not my kind of thing being so ‘fast food like’ but I ate it all none-the-less and satisfied my hunger.I then walked over to Planet Hollywood where we had a few drinks together and we walked back to the hotel via Times Square which is simply stunning at night. Before bed I snacked some more hehe :P And onto the last day of our trip! Phew! I woke up and hit the gym again and had the same for breakfast with my bar and fruit combo. We made our way towards Central Park and just as we got there it started to rain! Waaah! Just typical! My hair turned into a total frizzball after a couple of hours haha! However it didn’t dampen our spirits (no pun intended) and we enjoyed walking around such a beautiful park. We also visited the zoo which I loved because I’m such a huge animal lover! It was so much fun hehe :) Then we stopped at a hotel nearby for a coffee for a quick dry off from the rain and headed to some more shops! After a while we stopped at a cafe for lunch where I veganised a spinach and dried cranberry salad by subbing the hard boiled egg for black beans and had toasted pita bread on the side.After lunch we went back to the hotel to freshen up and pack the last of our bags to leave with the concierge whilst we enjoyed our last few hours in the city.For our last part of our tour of NYC, we strolled around the West Village area which was beautiful with nice fashionable boutiques. I’d love to go back there because we didn’t have time to see much. My mum was very lucky and found herself a beautiful Marc Jacobs bag! We also popped into the Magnolia Bakery which was so cute! Very Sex in the City hehe!

And that was basically our time in NYC…very condensed! :) It was absolutely amazing and I so so so can’t wait to go back!

Have you ever been to NYC?

Do you have any favorite restaurants?

Where in the world do you want to visit for the food?

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