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WIAW: is it Christmas already?

Posted Sep 18 2012 11:00pm

Happy WIAW to you all? How are you this fine Wednesday morning? I have to say I feel a lot better than the last two days. After moving into my new place on Sunday, I finished unpacking and settling in that night. On Monday morning however I woke up with a very sore throat. I told you something felt wrong after my run , didn’t I? Of course with every move comes a lot of work. I’m very lucky that I live in a fully furnished apartment with great house mates but there’s still little things that needed to be done {like changing my address at the bank} so the last 2 days were very busy and exhausting. I was lucky enough that my boss gave me 2 days off of work since I don’t know how I would have possibly done everything that needed to be done! Back at work today though.

So, anyhow I’ll show you Monday’s eat and before I forget, thank you Jenn from Peas and Crayons for hosting the foodie party!

So my Monday began with a sore throat. I would have liked to stay in bed for another hour or so but honestly I wouldn’t have been able to sleep knowing that I had lots on my to-do list. The first thing I did was call my mom since I had no idea of what to do to get rid of the sore throat. Her tip: buy ginger! Before making it to the store though I needed to have breakfast. On the menu: oatmeal with frozen raspberries stirred in towards the end with spelt crunchy granola and almond butter. On the side I had mango flavored black tea.

WIAW Breakfast

{FYI: Oktoberfest starts this weekend and it’s embarrassing how excited I am since it’s not something that typically screams my name. But I can’t wait to parade my Dirndl around town and where better to do so that in “Oktoberfest-central”}

After breakfast I drove into the city center and started to work off my list. I needed to quickly make a stop at a home décor/ furniture store and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this:


I love winter and everything the joyous season brings with it  but we’re still more than 3 months away from Christmas so all the decoration seemed out of place, especially since it was quite hot on Monday. I would prefer some nice autumn-y deco like pumpkins instead. I know I’ll be back at the store once November come round though!

I drove home around noon, shopping bags in hand and prepared lunch. Not sure what it was, I just took whatever I found in the fridge and created a quinoa-carrot bowl. I also added some dried tomatoes and grilled some zucchini. I seasoned it with pesto Genovese to give it a more Mediterranean feel. This did a wonderful job of keeping me full for the afternoon so I could continue to work on my to-do list.

WIAW Lunch

My afternoon snack: a cereal bar. It was good, but I can’t wait to go to Whole Foods in London {tomorrow in one week….how time flies} to buy some actual cereal bars that aren’t loaded with sugar.


In the afternoon I finally had time to buy some ginger so I made some ginger tea. I boiled water with some ginger added 3 tea bags and let it simmer on the stove for about 10 or 15 minutes. I had about 2 liters of that stuff throughout the afternoon.


Also, my mom told my to grate some ginger and press it through a paper towel so that I could drink the juice. It was only about a tablespoon of pure ginger juice {I added some honey as well} but my throat was on fire afterwards. I immediately washed it down with some chocolate….so fast that I couldn’t snap a picture. I hope you understand!

Yesterday I didn’t feel like being such a hard-core ginger juice drinker so I simply added the ginger juice to my tea and added a spoon of honey. It was a lot better that way and I’m sure it had the same effect.

For dinner I didn’t feel like cooking a super fancy meal so I made myself a plate of bread, spreads, cheese and veggies/ fruit instead.


I had hummus and an organic vegetable spread, cheddar cheese , delicious whole wheat bread, cucumber, grapes and sun-dried tomatoes.


I had some more unpictured chocolate as dessert but that’ pretty much sums up Monday’s eats!

What do you do when you have a sore throat? Do you also go the natural way and have ginger juice shots or do you prefer actual medicine?

Are you or is someone you know planning an “Oktoberfest” event?

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