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WIAW: Fall Racing Season

Posted Aug 15 2012 7:45am

Know what’s funny about blogging? Especially when you blog the way you speak (like I do)? Eventually you have to write down all the things you say and find yourself googling hers vs her’s at 6:30am so you can appear to know proper grammar before the coffee kicks in.

Oh wait, it’s decaf.

WIAW- breakfast

Anyways, in case you are curious… yesterday’s breakfasts: his (the egg bagel sandwich), HERS (that’s right, no apostrophe and the egg scramble with pepper, onion and cheese) and wee one’s.

In other news, one nap yesterday was interesting. I dealt with quite a fussy baby, but she did sleep 12-2:30. She’s also cutting 3-4 teeth right now. I’m going to give it a solid effort of 3-4 days and see how we’re doing then.

WIAW- lunch

baby spinach, baby kale, green pepper, red onion, celery, brown rice, grape tomatoes, veggie avocado burger, hummus and balsamic

I didn’t wog yesterday because I was still so sore from Monday’s #bestbodybootcamp workout.

WIAW- guns

I sure love strength training when someone makes me do it. (Thanks, Tina ). Plus, I knew we’d be hitting up yoga in the afternoon. After snack time.


I love yoga and strength training because they mix things up and help me to feel stronger all over. Heck, even my toes feel strong after yoga.

WIAW- post yoga toes

Do anyone else’s veins pop out on their feet afterwards? Taking eagle into airplane into standing splits forces some serious ankle strength. I’m working on it.

WIAW- dinner

Burrito bowl featuring brown rice, taco slop , avocado, cilantro, sour cream and Texas Pete.

Anyway, I feel as though keeping my workouts varied leads to stronger wogs. And wogs, I’ve realized, are my true challenge. I’m not a natural runner. I work really, really hard at it.

WIAW- wog

Which is why I feel so proud when I accomplish a new distance, time or just finish a wog with a smile on my face. I like to be challenged, which is why I just signed up for my longest distance yet- a 10k!

I will be running on September 15th (Hailey’s birthday) in the Davidson Run for Green 10k! Want to run with me and see how slow I am in real life? Winking smile The race director is offering a discount to A Healthy Slice of Life readers for both the 5k, the 10k AND the half marathon!

1.  go to
2.  select Register on the left menu, then click on ‘Register Online’
3.  you will see a listing of races with – 48 hour promo after them.  So, if you want to register for the 5K you would click the button for 5K – 48 Hour Promo.
4.  Put ROC in the code box that appears once you make your selection.

Let the fall race season begin! …and as always, thanks for hosting WIAW Jenn !

Do you have a fall race lined up?

Which one?

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