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Posted Feb 13 2013 6:00am

I am pretty stoked it’s Wednesday.  Tomorrow is our “Friday” since Chris has a 4 day weekend.  We have both been a little under the weather with colds this week so I am looking forward to the weekend.  Before getting to my abysmal What I Ate Wednesday a couple of things.

  • Did you see my essential running gear and Sparkly Soul headband giveaway yesterday?  No?  Enter to win the best headband ever HERE .
  • Babble is doing a “Best of Blogs” search for mom related posts, so you can help your favorite blogs get published.  You can nominate yourself or anyone can nominate a post that spoke to them.  I put my “ learning to love my mom body ” post.  This is probably one of the posts I am most proud of in my time of blogging.  I struggled with body image after having Emmalyne and these steps helped me overcome that.  If I can help one other struggling mom I would be so happy.  Check it out and I would if you like it, you can “like” it!  Click this link and you can “like” or tweet it from Babble.


Now on to my WIAW.  I failed at blogging life yesterday.  I was on the go all day and chose to catch up with this girl at lunch rather than do any computer work.  Time well spent ;)  So without further ado here it is.  Thanks Jenn for hosting!



WIAW Breakfast

Van’s Power Protein waffle with PB and real maple syrup, fresh fruit, and iced coffee.  Quick and easy breakfast.



Uptown Deli



It really is too easy to swing into Uptown Deli after Mommy & Me yoga.  Maybe one of these WIAWs you won’t see a chicken salad sandwich ;)  No promises though.  I love that stuff.


AND that’s it.  Not going to lie.  We swung thru the Golden Arches last night after our late Army meeting.  Nothing makes me feel better faster that McDonalds french fries.  Seriously.  The salty goodness works miracles every time.  It’s all part of the 20% ;)


If you want some further reading, some of my favorite blends and friends also have posts up on Babble:


Do you have a comfort food?  French fries save my sick little life some times ;)

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