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WIAW - Airplane Food

Posted Jul 11 2012 1:37am
Technically it's Tuesday in America and Wednesday in Australia as I type this.  Uber confusing for me.  My watch is on East Coast time and there are 2 clocks on my phone - one on Dallas time and one on Sydney time.  SMH.

This week's What I Ate Wednesday is a round up of my travel meals and my gluten-free dining on my Qantas flight.

Thanks again to Jen for hosting the fabulous WIAW fiesta.

When I left Orlando on Saturday night I had plenty of healthy, plane-friendly snacks packed...however the slight delay threw off my plans.  I managed to find a salmon salad for lunch in the Dallas airport and here's how the rest of my meals worked out.

For dinner I took advantage of the free meal available in the Qantas lounge.  Yes, you read that right.  Free meal! It was fairly good. Shredded sage chicken with celery and carrots which I paired with some raw veggies from home.  I also got pasta salad but I just picked out the tomatoes and mushrooms.
Once on board the plane, I saw that "dinner" was served 3 hours into the flight.  I wanted to fall right asleep, however I knew the dinner service would just wake me up.  I watched The Vow to keep me up and then enjoyed my gluten-free dinner.
Look at this beauty!
Grilled chicken breast, steamed carrots and broccoli, salad, and rice cakes. It was PERFECT!!!! I saw that the other passengers had and it was small parts of chicken covered in a cream sauce.  Big winner here!
I dozed off and woke up well before breakfast so I munched on an unpictured Luna Bar.
My gluten-free breakfast meal was eggs with tomato, mushrooms, and a potato pancake. I also had a side of fresh fruit.  I greatly dislike eggs, however I knew I needed the protein.  I combined all my veggies and eggs into a hash and it wasn't half bad.
Kudos to Qantas on a fabulous food option!

What's your opinion of airplane food?

Love and no wheat,
Carissa & Kyle

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