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#wiaw: a long day at school

Posted Feb 13 2013 8:38am
Happy Wednesday, everyone! I'm so thankful it's almost a long weekend. I can't seem to get ahead no matter how many hours I spend toiling over my work lately. I have a ton of reading for my thesis and other research projects piling up, which is why I decided to bring you my eats from yesterday, which was a marginally more interesting day that today will be!

(Perhaps instead of #wiaw, I should call these posts #eiegs: exceedingly interesting eats of a graduate student. Note the sarcasm.)

Tuesday's my long day at school, so before I commuted to campus I started the day with one of my favorite breakfasts: greek yogurt with pineapple and a homemade latte. Check out the foam on that baby!

My first class is a two and a half hour-long seminar in a building that houses an Einstein Bros. bagels. They're fine, but don't really hold a candle to traditional Jersey bagels. Usually I get their "Power Bagel" as a snack; it's a protein-filled whole wheat roll that is tasty and filling. Unfortunately, they were out today, so during our break I snacked on a banana nut muffin, which was seriously underwhelming and I regretted spending two bucks on it.

I have five hours between my Tuesday classes, so I usually hang in our program's office and bang out some work. Over lunch it was a Russian essay and a veggie-filled rice dish we made in our new cast iron skillet, featuring tomatoes, peppers, onions, and zucchini! Yum.

I had a coffee (not pictured) to power me through the rest of the afternoon.

When I finally made it home for dinner, Mike had prepared Tilapia with Mustard Sauce and Quinoa . I whipped up a side salad to get some veggies in (and fed Jake the thick parts of the broccoli, he loves them!). A filling and healthy meal was had by all!

I had a piece of Trader Joe's Raisin and Pecan dark chocolate for dessert, and a little bit of peanut butter - carob chip yogurt (not pictured) while watching the State of the Union and participating in #fitblog.

Jake and I are off for a three mile run before it starts to rain and I have to hit the books for the day. Happy Valentine's Day, see you on Friday!
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