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WIAW #19: New Eats & Surprises

Posted Feb 14 2012 11:48pm

Time for another WIAW! Aren't you excited? I know I've said this before, but Wednesday is my favorite day of the week in the blogging world! And I'm still totally in love with Picasa for making my WIAW picture editing much, much easier.


So this week I've started week 2 of the Couch to 5k challenge. I've amped up the intensity a little bit, although it's honestly not too much harder yet. I know that will all change next week though! I still feel good, although I know I've been eating more than I like - and I hate feeling that way. However, I haven't felt guilty about anything, which is great. I just keep running, and feeling accomplished about the progress there makes me feel better about not watching what I eat so much, I guess. That's good, right?

I'm also really excited about Food Pen Pal this month - my pen pal informed me that she recently shipped my package, so it should be arriving soon! I cannot wait to open it and show you all what is inside at the end of the month.

And yesterday was Valentine's Day - how was that for everyone? Did you get any goodies? Stuart and I went to dinner as this fancy schmancy hotel, which was delicious, but I got ripped off of about 15 bucks because I accidentally overpaid (thinking a 20 was a 10) and didn't get my money back! How stupid. I was pretty pissed about that for the rest of the night. Still, dinner was good although the portions were small. They started us with some sort of little dish that everyone gets - it was literally a sliver of grape with some champagne jelly, pistachios, and some soft of sauce. Pretty good. Then we shared a first course of something made from ricotta - it was like mozzarella sticks, except in circles and with ricotta instead of mozzarella. Stuart got filet mignon for dinner, and I got the potato gnocchi with curry sauce and veggies - so delicious! For dessert, we opted to go to Graeters and get ice cream instead - you get way more for your money! Although I really wanted to try their lime pudding cake with tequila sorbet - how good does that sound?

That was on Monday. Yesterday my parents brought a V-day surprise to school - a cute pillow from Target, Hello Kitty playing cards & sticky notes, sprinkles, pink lemonade bunny fruit snacks (Annie's), Godiva chocolates, TJ's cookies, and heart shaped pasta. Very cool.

Now let's get on to what we are all here for - to see my eats for this week! I actually remembered to take pictures, so be excited!

{breakfast} OIAJ- with PB2 powder and sliced bananas and fig butter, Apple Turnover Uber bar, blueberry muffins, Amande almond milk peach yogurt {drinks} TAZO zero calorie iced Passion Tea {snacks} sliced apple with TJ's cookie butter {dinner} curry with chickpeas & spinach, indian spiced carrots

I was really disappointed with the peach almond milk yogurt. I tried the cherry flavor before and didn't like it, so I gave it another chance - still not great. I was really hoping to like it, too! This was also the first time I'd ever tried OIAJ (oatmeal in a jar) - and I loved it! I used my PB&Co. Cinnamon Raisin Swirl jar. Yummy. I also loved all the Uber bars, from Larabar's new line -  I think they are even better than the regular Larabars. Then I made Stuart blueberry muffins for Valentine's Day, which are his favorite, and I made Duncan Hines new "Simple Mornings." They don't have any trans-fats or HFCS, and they were delicious! The streusal topping was especially good.

Well, that's all I've got - how about you?
Much love,

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